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    Machine learning job advertising technology

    In-house developed technology targets websites, social networks and blogs where your job advertisement is most likely to find the highest number of qualified applicants. Our patented software cannot be found anywhere else on the internet. Has been developed from the ground up by our subsidiary recruitment agencies' and has been tested on a commerical scale for over 5 years. The scalability, control, power and uniqueness of this affordable, unique technology means you spend less time posting job ads and more time hiring.

    Service highlights

    high salary 200+ recruitment sites auto-posting for each job

    Your job is entered once on our website and distributed automatically to 200+ job sites and we’re adding new sites daily
    the high life Automatic reposting until you secure your hire

    Our system keeps your job live and re-posts it on 200+ job sites every day until you secure your hire.
    high satisfaction Transparent service

    Pictures and supplied direct contact information is included in each job ad so potential candidates go directly to you or your custom job application form
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    What are people saying?

    Thomas's review Thomas Wright
    30/03/2015 10:49
    Easy-to-use website, job ads posted to nearly all of the 200 sites in around 3 hours. Response was good. Filled the position within 7 days.
    Cheers guys
    Lucas's review Lucas Fitzgerald
    28/08/2015 9:20
    Our e-mail was filled with qualified resumes within 24 hours of posting! We’ve never had such an intense response from a single job ad before.
    Thank you
    Jessica's review Jessica Manning
    13/09/2015 09:51
    I spoke with Amy a couple of times on the phone. The job ad was set up in minutes and the response was better than any other medium we’ve used.
    Special thanks to Amy
    Thank you


    Automatic optimization. No complicated settings

    We have posted over 400,000 job ads on over 200+ job websites. We use our extensive data to match job details across our data matrix and post your job ads on the top websites where the best applicants have applied for similar jobs before. We then drive enagements by slightly modifying your job ad using our revolutionary technology to best match the websites we are posting on. Without any configuration by you, your job ads are progressively optimized for best results.

    We know when and where your best talent is online

    We understand every job is different and requires varying talent to fill, therefore we work on a per-ad basis and will post your job only at specific times of the day when your best matched candidates are online. Every website has varying times of the day when your best matched talent is online; our systems use machine learning to accurately target each websites' sweet-spot and relay the best candidates directly to your inbox.

    Save time and money. Reach only your target talent

    It takes a lot of time to check, read and understand each applicants' C.V. so we not only post to many target websites, we will not post to websites where talent may be time-wasting and failing to pass the interview stage. A managerial position may best be suited on Indeed, whereas a secretarial position may just be better suited on Linked in. What's more, each city, timezone and job website type may effect the quality of candidates. We actively monitor over 15 data-points and target your job to maximize target applicants accordingly.

    Automatically import your jobs with XML/RSS feed

    If you already export an XML or RSS job feed, this can also be used to automatically import all of your jobs every day, week or month. When you delete a job from your feed, we'll delete it from our system. Adding your jobs via XML/RSS is included free of charge with every account.

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