Hi all and welcome to this article where we will take a deep dive into the top best 5 fastest growing recruitment agencies in the UK 2018. This is quite a difficult task so to help us keep on track we are going to cross reverence the top grow sectors with the Financial Times fastest growing companies list. Let's have a look and see what we find.

It's been talked about this year that the top 5 recruitment areas in 2018 are:





IT and Technology

UK based recruitment agencies that featured on the Financial Times fastest growing companies list 2018 included: Globe Locums (85th), McGinley Human Resources (421st), Opus Professional Services Group (461st), Falcon Green Personnel (586th), X4 Group (600th), Frank Recruitment Group (706th) and Your World Recruitment Group (795th).

Globe Locums - Healthcare

Specialising in healthcare recruitment this ticks our first box. Lead out of London, Globe Locums has strong links to Australia and New Zealand. They pride themselves on a fantastic pipeline of medical professionals that can be recruited for short and long term contracts around the world.

Currently employing 165 people according to LinkedIn with 1,496 followers and 10 company updates. These guys are really nailing this recruitment sector. What's interesting is to see in a company at the top spot with a terrible website and low social media activity. This is a testament that Globe Locums is providing a great personal service without the glitz and glamour of flashy website. Well played!


McGinley Human Resources - Aviation, Construction, Education, Healthcare, Logistics and Engineering

A huge group of companies all born out of McGinley Human Resources in 2010. This giant has hit 4 of our top 5 recruitment areas. It's no wonder they are on our list of top growing recruitment agencies.

With 119 employees according to LinkedIn, 158 company updates and 4,270 followers. They have managed to break into multiple recruitment rich sectors successfully and created for themselves a very successful brand.


Opus Professional Services Group - IT and Technology, Engineering and Energy

Opus operate a group of 3 separate companies, 2 of which hit our top 5 sectors for growth. This is the first agency to include IT and Tech in their portfolio of offerings. For IT and Tech being the largest growth area, we would of expected to see this higher up in top 3 leaders.

LinkedIn sees Opus with 76 employees, 188 company updates and 7,692 followers. Pushing "different" and appearing innovative grabs your attention. Showing off and impressive portfolio of clients and awards to win business is working for Opus. With the greatest following and most updates on the list, leveraging social media is working well for Opus.


Falcon Green Personnel - Construction and Engineering

The home of construction recruitment as Falcon put it. Focusing mainly on construction recruitment, Falcon are the 4th fastest growing recruitment agency on the list. They are not however putting all their eggs in one basket and are mopping up in several less targeted sub sectors such as security, office and more.

57 employees strong, 1099 followers and 36 company updates according to LinkedIn. One of the smaller companies on the list, Falcon are using great customer reviews to secure new business from their website. We can see lots of opportunity for improvement on their social media and website. Perhaps 2019 is the year they lock this down and climb up the list.


X4 Group - Technology, Life Sciences, Engineering and Construction

Last on our list but maybe one our favourites are X4 Group. A very strong brand that is delivered worldwide from the UK, New York and New Zealand. X4 Group is sitting right across all our top growing recruitment sectors helping them secure 5th place on the list.

71 company updates, 2793 followers and 112 recorded on LinkedIn. From looking at the company online they stand out by putting their people first. The beautiful looking website is a big influence on any company looking to use their services.



What a fantastic cross reference and it did not disappoint. It's clear that the top 5 growth sectors are true with the fastest growing recruitment agencies sitting right there on point. What are your predictions for 2019 and beyond. Where do expect to see these companies in 5 years’ time? We would love to hear your thoughts.


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Written by Kai Blackheart. Emerging technology and recruitment expert.

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