Automatically Generate Top-quality A.I. Videos

Up to 60 seconds trending video specific to your business automatically every day

1 Video

1 Video per day

$49 / Month

One Video every day, based on popular new Trending topics related to your industry or business

2 Videos

2 Videos per day

$79 / Month

Save $41 / month

Two Videos every day, Tailored to your industry and business

3 Videos

3 Videos per day

$99 / Month

Save $48 / month

Three Videos every day, Viral social topics monitored and rewritten for your industry or keywords.

Provide your industry keywords, or website and we monitor for all social, news and video posts for those keywords, automatically rewriting content into a short-form 60 seconds video.

Each Video is generated automatically, you don't need to click or enter the system, we will e-mail the video to you every day.

Videos are uniquely generated, and you are free to post on all your channels.

Common questions

What does the service offer?

The service provides daily, automatically-generated trending videos, tailored to your brand, for up to 60 seconds. You have the choice to pay $49, $79, or $99 per month for 1, 2, or 3 videos per day, respectively. Every video undergoes revisions for your industry or keywords and is based on recently hot topics that are relevant to your business or industry. Videos are automatically created, and you'll get an email every day with the most recent video. You are free to post each video on any of your channels, and they are all unique.

How many videos do I get per day/month?

Your subscription plan determines how many videos you receive per day or month. For $49 each month, you receive one video per day. For the $79/month plan, you get two videos per day, while the $99/month plan gives you three.

What is the cost of the service?

The pricing of the service is determined by the number of videos required each day or month. There are the following options:

1 video per day for $49/month
2 videos per day for $79/month, save $41/month
3 videos per day for $99/month, save $48/month

Every video is up to 60 seconds long and is specially targeted to your industry or business using hot trending subjects and keywords.

What is included in the service?

Our Automatically Generated Top-quality AI videos solution involves the production of popular videos, up to 60 seconds long, customized for your business. The package you choose will dictate how many videos you get sent to you every day or every month.

For $49 a month, you can receive a single video every day with the 1 video bundle, for instance. For $79 per month, you can get 2 videos with the 2 Videos package, and for $99 per month, you can get 3 videos every day with the 3 Videos package.

Every day, you will receive an email with a video that is automatically generated. You are allowed to post these specially created videos on all of your channels.

Our service also includes content rewriting into a 60-second video automatically, and monitoring for any social, news, and video posts relevant to your industry or keywords.

Do you have discounts?

Yes, we offer discounts for purchasing multiple videos per day. You can save $30 per month when you choose 2 videos per day and save $51 per month when you choose 3 videos per day. For more information, please see our pricing packages.

How does the A.I. generate the videos?

Our A.I. system monitors and analyzes popular and trending topics related to your industry or business. It then rewrites the content into a 60-second video, unique to your business. The video is generated automatically and e-mailed to you every day, without the need for manual intervention.

How is the video tailored to my business/industry?

The videos are tailored to your business or industry by monitoring and rewriting content based on popular social topics and news related to your industry keywords or website.

Simply provide your industry keywords or website, and the A.I. system will automatically monitor and rewrite related content into a short-form 60 second video.

The result is a unique, up-to-date video that is relevant to your business or industry, and optimized to attract engagement.

How do I receive the videos?

Each video is generated automatically and sent to your email every day, you don't have to log in or take any action. Simply sit back and enjoy your daily top-quality video.

Can I post the videos on my channels and use them for paid or non-paid marketing campaigns?

Yes, you are free to post the videos on your channels and use them for any paid or non-paid marketing campaigns. Each video generated by the A.I. is unique and exclusive to you.

Do you have any other questions?

If so, we’re here to help you with any AI Video Content Generation related questions, so feel free to reach out by clicking here to send us a message.

What our customers are saying

Newton Hoang, Rice Garden

"The standout feature of Gapmarks is the Consistency. It really sets them apart as I receive an excellent video every day, which in turn gives me 12 more new clients compared to other solutions. Plus, the videos are always fresh and relevant, which is a big plus for me."

- Newton Hoang, Rice Garden

Ryan Lum, Jimmy’s Egg

"We didn’t think we’d be able to release our entire marketing campaign on time but thanks to Gapmarks we were able to."

- Ryan Lum, Jimmy’s Egg

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