Hello and welcome to our article on the best 6 top applicant tracking systems set for 2019. We will first double check your understanding of the applicant tracking systems. Then dive deeper in the most used systems checking their popularity with sites such as G2 Crowd, Trustpilot, and Capterra. We also have 2 bonuses for you including how to optimise your resume and get reviews for your own software.


What is an applicant tracking system?

An applicant tracking system or ATS for short is an essential tool in any recruiter's arsenal. Very similar to a customer relationship management system (CMS) an ATS is specifically designed for recruitment. Let's imagine you have posted a job online and 1000 applicants have applied. All of them submitting their CV. It may not be viable to manually filter all the applications. This is when the ATS really shines. We can now electronically filter applicants based of keywords, skills, former employers and more. This has created a new wave of resume optimisation. Similar to search engine optimisation, resume writing experts can make sure candidates are getting through as many filters as possible, standing a better chance at landing that dream job.


How to beat the resume filtering ATS bots


The most important thing you can do is make sure that you're spelling words correctly or using the correct acronyms. Sounds simple, but you would be surprised how many people get tripped up at this first hurdle.

Secondly, we suggest using resume optimisation tools such as https://www.jobscan.co/. This is a powerful tool that matches your resume to the job you want, working out if your will get past the RTS robot.

You never know how sophisticated the ATS is. It could highlight candidates with key desirables. Using keywords from the job description itself will make sure you are speaking the same language as the employer and make your stand out more to the robot and the hiring manager. Don’t be lazy, yes this means keeping your CV unique for each job you are applying to.

Once you have passed the robot and reached a human don’t throw it all away with fancy fonts, boarders and "stuff". Keep it easy to read and well formatted. Let this be an example of how you will present professional documents in the future. Another point to mention here is putting your contact information clearly at the top of the page. You want to make it as easy as possible for your future boss to reach out and invite you for that first interview.


CV-Library has a great article which is a good starting point for optimising your CV.


Best most used and highly rated ATS in 2019

Finally, we have our list of applicant tracking systems for you to sink your teeth into. Not all of them have Trustpilot reviews as this is more for B2C reviewing rather than B2B. However, it's still interesting to include as it's great to find out what the applicants think of the software not only the company. If the experience of applying for a role at your company is not a great one, how can you expect to attract the best talent. Something else to think about for another day. Let's get stuck in:


Indeed https://www.indeed.co.uk/

Find your dream job; Indeed markets itself to the talent. This is the greatest draw to businesses. They know a post on here will have fantastic visibility. The inbuild ATS is a no brainer and comes at a very reasonable cost. This is a very powerful SaaS ATS.


Capterra 4.5 stars (737 reviews)

G2 Crowd 4.3 stars (146 reviews)

Trustpilot 3.0 stars (1185 reviews)


Total reviews: 2068


JobDiva https://www.jobdiva.co.uk

An ATS, CRM and VMS. JobDiva combines many services together providing free training to its users. JobDiva is using GDPR compliance as one of its main features to win new business which is a godsent in these early days of GDPR headaches.


Capterra 4.5 stars (725 reviews)

G2crowd 3.8 stars (27 reviews)

Trustpilot -


Total reviews: 752


Bullhorn https://www.bullhorn.com/uk/

With the aim of increasing recruiter productivity Bullhorn proudly states its figurers of success. Stating that it can save you 8.3 hours a week on recruitment will make you feel like there are 8 days in a week. We would love to know if you can save this much time, let us know your results.


Capterra 4.0 stars (721 reviews)

G2 Crowd 4.0 stars (179 reviews)

Trustpilot -


Total reviews: 900


Breezy HR https://breezy.hr/

Going for the modern approach they look like a fancy new app. Less effort end to end to help you get great employees is what it says on the tin. The pipeline feature is awesome, giving you a bird's eye view with drag and drop ease to your recruitment process. Breezy HR is one of our ones to watch for 2019.


Capterra 4.5 stars (706 reviews)

G2 Crowd 4.4 stars (209 reviews)

Trustpilot 3.0 stars (1 review)


Total reviews: 916


BambooHR https://www.bamboohr.com/

Targeting SME's, we really like Bamboo. On their about us page they say their secret ambition it to make people smile whenever they use BambooHR. How lovely is that? You get a real sense of feeling it is really about the people with this company and that they care. Sweet.


Capterra 4.5 starts (705 reviews)

G2 Crowd 4.3 stars (326 reviews)

Trustpilot -


Total reviews: 1031


Zoho Recruit https://www.zoho.com/recruit/

Typical of Zoho, they don’t try to entice you with awards and absurd claims. They simply offer complete software that can perform most tasks you would expect industry leading software to provide all while being intuitive and powerful.


Capterra 4.5 stars (561 reviews)

G2 Crowd 4.4 stars (577 reviews)

Trustpilot -


Total reviews: 1138


Capterra, Getapp and SoftwareAdvice

These three websites that provide reviews on software such as applicant tracking systems seem to be using the same reviews. We checked all top 6 applicant tracking systems in these sites and saw the same reviews and amount of reviews. Each site offers a chance for you to advertise your software. Paying for a premium listing. They must all be using the same database. We recommend using Capterra and disregarding the other 2 save getting the same results again.


Getting backlinks and reviews for your own ATS software

Below is our top 10 list for B2B software review sites. This is a great place to start when promoting your own software. We recommend checking out the competition, what categories are they using? Get your software listed alongside them. Customer research is a key component to any business. Using reviews is one of the best ways to find out what your clients think of your product. Asking your clients for a review on these sites will help grow your brand and remember don’t forget to monitor them once you have created your free profile.












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