Imagine a world where your companies friendly machine learning recruitment AI has been watching the company’s growth and analysing HR records on the blockchain. Looks like we need a new Front end react developer as the current team has a 27% increase in workload.

The HR manager automatically receives a report that stress levels are elevated on the development team. All the development teams psychological reports are held on the blockchain. The team has been carefully constructed to make sure they can bond and work productively.

HR is then prompted to look at a suggestion of available candidates that have been automatically selected from the number one online recruitment blockchain. A kind of LinkedIn version 2.019. Here starts the recruitment process.

A verified employment history

Tired of interviewing candidates that are blagging their way through the process? If multiple sources have verified candidates’ achievements and work history there will no longer be the need to doubt. Candidates will have to be more transparent in order to not be caught out.


Improved unbiased recruitment

Information such as race, religion, age, sex, name that can be used to discriminate candidates can be shielded from the view of recruiters. Creating a fairer recruiting process based purely on skill and achievements.


GDPR compliance

Once in the blockchain a permanent ledger is maintained. So, we can’t delete any data, we can however retract data. We can use the “right to be forgotten” and stay compliant.


Faster application process

We don’t need to ask qualification questions. AI can auto qualify candidates. There can be a standardised API where multi-site applications can be via a one click apply system.


Protection of information

Often a CV is downloaded onto a recruiter’s machine somewhere in the world. The candidate’s information cannot be guaranteed safe. What if said recruiter wanted to share this information too? Email is still an unsecure method of communication. CV’s could be emailed as attachments to another recruiter. We can already see the security risks mounting up here.

Sharing of the data is one of the key issues here, using the blockchain could limit sharing and access of personal information. Only verified connections could be given access from the data controller upon request.


Quality of content

Candidates will be qualified much easier due to the quality of the content in their CV. Layouts and fancy formatting will be dropped over substance. This will help both recruiter and candidate find better job matches.

This will also improve the search function. Having a standardised format will allow machine learning tools to better leverage this technology improving the qualification and matching process.


Security and integrity of data

Being a decentralised system there is no single point that can be attacked or broken resulting in a loss of you CV or applicants. A candidate’s CV will always be available to search, and the content should always be correct.

The future is here

Keep following Gapmarks and their journey into improving the many facets of recruitment through utilising emerging technologies and staying innovative.

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