We’ve heard it 1000 times. It's not surprising that this is one of the questions constantly asked by marketing newbies who are juggling with a great many marketing tools struggling to figure out how to outrun their rivals. We all know that marketing, especially digital marketing, can be very exciting and also quite daunting at the same time. Don’t worry. It is quite normal for digital marketers to encounter tough challenges during the practices. Here’s some of our tips for some digital marketing strategies.

1. Content is the king

Content matters a lot during your digital marketing. Whether your content is good or bad will hugely affect the views on your adverts. Good advert should be eye-catching, easy to search and click inducing on the internet. Hence, do not forget to add a pretty and relevant image to your advert or a short but memorable video (of course, it’s not easy to reach to level of being viral) with attractive cover. Put some keywords on your advert so to increase the likelihood of showing up people’s search. Sometimes make your advert relevant to some trending topics will work out great as well (e.g. last year iphone’s bendgate has triggered lots of fun content among the adverts). Last but not least, type of advert will decide content of your advert. Make your ad appropriate for your business.

2. Communicate with your customers

Your customers always want some response. Definitely, it is not just about answering questions or helping them to go through payment. The personal touch could make your customers feel like the company does care about their needs. Motionless adverts are not welcomed. Instead, real cases and question-type adverts are a good choice. The presence of “you” in adverts would give a feeling of talking directly to the customers.

3. Target the right audience

Unquestionably, this is one of the ultimate goals the marketers are looking at. Targeting the wrong audience means a waste of time, money and resources. As local business, undoubtedly the focus will be local people. Find out some local influencers and make them mention or recommend your products (better with links on it). Additionally, it’s important to know about the search behavior of the local people in order to wisely alternate your adverts to appear on the screens of them.

Did you know that over 10,000,000 people visit classified sites daily? That is a significantly huge number for marketers. However, marketers often skip classified sites and embrace social networks. The thing is that classified sites are not completely abandoned by them. There is one issue which drags the feet of marketers, making them hesitate to jump in. As we know, the amount of exiting social networks can be easily counted. But it’s not the case with classified sites, of which there could be thousands. Everybody can imagine that the work is pretty time-consuming, boring and expensive (hiring a couple of staffs for this).

A brand new, just in Marketing Start-up with their own software has come up with the best solution – automatically post your adverts to hundreds of classified sites 24/7. The service is very easy to use and fully accessible via our site without having to download additional software. You can also customize your advert posting according to your requirements to bump up the accuracy. For more details, check out: www.gapmarks.com/lp

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