To all marketers, it’s no secret that 2015 is a year of in-depth digital marketing. Everyone is fighting for a bigger piece of the market. Social channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Google+ have become a battlefield for companies trying to promote their products or services. Learning how to be effective and successful on digital marketing seems mandatory if you are going to push your marketing further. Here’s some points which may give you a better idea of how to kill it with digital marketing this year.

1. Know your customers

Newcomers always think heavy promotion can work out well, even on digital marketing. While it may be the case sometimes, it is clearly not a wise choice for targeting customers who may buy your products or services. Even if you have tons of followers, they are not always the target for your business. So before planning your digital marketing strategy, first consider the behavior and the thinking of your potential customers. Ask yourself some questions and do some research to work them out. Then you are able to refine your options and focus more about what your customers may like. For example:

1. What is the age group of your customers? (Young people tend to accept newer things)

2. Which field may interest your target audience? Technology, fashion, showbiz or gaming? (Collaborate with business within this field would make good result)

3. Which type of content may be attractive to your audience? Video or image? Should it be funny or serious? (Bad choice of media medium may turn down your audience)

2. Real value

Real value means the content of your advert should lean more on quality instead of quantity. Usually businesses will start off digital marketing with registering on multiple social channels and creating their company pages. However, without properly managing the pages and accounts, it’s hard to deeply engage with your followers. What’s more, not delivering the needed content may have a bad impact on the image of your company.  Similarly, as fully-fledged human beings, they definitely are not happy to see bad adverts constantly popping up on their screens. Your advertising should convey useful content to your customers, even it is some kind of news not very close to your field.

3. Think differently

Keeping updated with the industry is a critical part in the process of digital marketing, topics still trending today may be outdated in a few days. Therefore, a totally smart and fresh idea is necessary if you want your advert to differentiate from others. Try to have a few “what if's” on your mind and put them into your adverts to see whether it is appropriate. Having the same tones all the time on adverts is surely going to bore your followers, no matter whether the content is golden or not. For instance, talk about your adverts from the angle of an animal or a celebrity or use a real story as the beginning of your advert. Remember to do it in a wise and acceptable way because you may get into trouble if it exceeds the bottom line or anger the relevant people or group.

4. Automate your posting

Classified sites are still an amazing place on the internet if you are looking for hiking leads and sales for your business. Different from social channels, the visitors of classifieds are directly looking for products and services, which more likely translates into sales. To no one’s surprise, posting adverts is a time-consuming, boring and repetitive work. While in most cases, companies would hire a couple of staff for this kind of manual work. They can’t work 24/7, and missing content or low accuracy  is one of the big problems during the countless posting. Cost is also high as you have to pay good salary to your employees. Is there any method which can automate this process without paying too much and one that is easy for the average employee to use? The good news is that our , has created a brand new unique posting service which can post your adverts to high traffic sites all the time. It is simple and easy to use at the same time fully customizable according to your personal requirements. Craigslist, Ebayclassifieds, are all supported as well as nearly 250 other quality sites. The service is fully accessible via our site, so no need to run additional software. And you can request we add any site you wish if we do not have it already!

Check out our various packages to find out the one best suited you, and add Gapmarks automated posting to your marketing today!


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