Newcomers of online marketing often face various difficulties while transitioning from the stage of offline marketing. They still apply the same strategies from years ago and hope it will work out as before. It’s easy for them to fall into the pitfalls of online marketing, especially social channels, which are huge new market and considerably vary from traditional channels. Knowing what kind of mistakes to avoid is extremely necessary before you plan to implement your own marketing strategies. For better digital presence, you should note the 4 online marketing mistakes you are probably regularly making.

1. Lack of engagement

Many companies rush to register various accounts and business pages on all the social networks, hoping that it would reach a broadened audience and receive lots of responses. It always ends up doing badly and disappointing their audience as they don’t have the right approach to engage with followers. Email marketing has the same issue since companies usually pester their customers with tons of salesy emails, eventually it would hurt their reputation and irritate the audience. 

Instead you should start off with one or two social channels, view the comments from your customers and make the best appropriate response. What’s more, do not forget to connect with the top social influencers on these networks, as they often have big impact on your adverts.

2. Same content on all channels

Every social channel has its emphasis and figuring it out is as important as opening up a page for your business. However, in reality, a majority of companies spam similar adverts across Multiple online channels. This practice won’t work out well as customers are using different social networks for different reasons. For instance, Twitter is about short and quick messages, and Linkedin is renowned for the biggest professional network. Understanding the focal point of each online channel is an important lesson to learn as an online marketer. Therefore, create unique content on each channel and gradually connect them together, then ultimately your social network would be wildly expanded.

3. No competitive edge

While it’s good to learn from successful experience, many businesses simply copy marketing strategies from their rivals. They believe that following others’ practices is the safest and fastest way to gain success because the approaches are working well in the market. However, this kind of decision may bring out backlash in the future as their business cannot differentiate from their competitors. The worst is that you are starting to lose your competitive edge and customers begin to turn their head to other business providing unique services/products. In fact, your product may be distinctive, but your strategies could misguide your audience and the bad image of “copycat” is likely to stick to your brand.

4. Waste time on manual posting

Remember that classified sites are still an important part of online marketing, as it can offer many new unique leads and sales to your business if you take the time to post your ads appropriately. Unfortunately there are thousands of classified sites across the internet and manual posting requires expensive resources to maintain. In 2015, manual posting is no longer the only possible choice to access classified sites. 

Our new launch service can relieve you of the time-consuming posting work and get the best out of classified sites. Gapmarks provides a unique posting system which can post your adverts to high traffic classified sites 24/7. Supported sites include Craigslist, Ebayclassifieds, and over 250 additional quality sites targeted for your business. The service is easy-to-use, fully customizable according to your requirements and accessible via our website. 

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