As the newer online medium – social channels are booming across the  internet and attracting more and more marketers to jump in, the presence of classified websites seems not as significant as before. However, this is a mistake they are making and should be avoided because posting adverts on classified websites is actually one of the cheapest methods of promoting and building business in the marketplace. While social medias are more likely a means to engage with your audience and increase the influence of your brand, classified websites are yet an irreplaceable channel to connect your business with millions of new potential buyers and leads across the world. 

Let’s not ignore the fact that free classified adverts still prevail on the internet due to their easy accessibility. And most importantly, they are nearly always free! As it is known, building up a certain customer base usually takes time and needs paid resources. Small business and startups, which cannot afford the huge cost of paid advertising, surprisingly neglect classified sites as an important and powerful tool to promote their products/services in the virtual world. 

Although classified sites are mostly free, it doesn’t mean that it’s less effective than paid advertising. The fact proves that it has helped many startups get their business through the difficult financial period during the first 12 months of starting. 

According to a recent report of the stats of classified sites, over 10,000,000 people are visiting classified websites per day. With this huge traffic of classified sites everyday, your adverts should be on them!

Additionally, since classified sites consist of a number of specific categories, the likelihood of your target customers viewing your adverts are rising, so long as you select them correctly. That, to business, means  they can reach the maximum number of customers promptly and gain considerable business leads and sales in no time.

Classified adverts are not only an amazing channel to expand your business, but also a great medium to get your site traffic and backlinks. A majority of classified sites allow you to add your URL to your advert and your contact information. Gradually, you will get quality backlinks to your site and the chances for better presence on search engines such as Google will increase immensely. This medium is also a good strategy of pushing your SEO progress.

Apart from all these benefits classified sites have, business often have an unavoidable issue when posting adverts on these sites. Unquestionably, posting adverts on classified sites manually are a kind of work which requires a huge amount of time and repetition, forcing businesses to pay quite a large salary to an assistant for this, Thus dramatically affects the result of getting the maximum traffic and leads from classified sites. 

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