Anyone working in the marketing industry has heard of Google Adwords. Even if you don’t know anything about it, you will definitely have seen their ads littering websites and search results. For those who are not sure, Google Adwords is a Pay-Per-Click online advertising platform. Ads normally appear on the top of your searches (a specific area for these Pay-Per-Click ads) and match the content (keywords) you input in your searches. They charge you only if your ads get clicks or calls. Bundled with the trusted brand of Google and creative charging, it has become one of the most popular advertising platforms across the internet globally.

According to reports, on average 40,000 search queries are sent to Google every second and there are over 3.5 billions searches per day worldwide, which is massive number and could easily translate into huge leads and sales. Furthermore, the Pay-Per-Click method can target different types of business, no matter if you are a chain shop or a small vendor, because you could set your own budget and your marketing campaign is totally based on the budget on your account. What’s more, you can make your ads pop up in the specific cities, countries you want, targeting to right audience at the right places With other benefits such as easy-to-use control panel, useful tracking tool and customizable campaigns, many brands flock to connect with the platform. It’s also reported that of comScore’s top 200 websites, 65% serve Google Display Network. As old SEO practices are slowly dying due to Google’s new algorithm filter, which is designed to improve the quality of search results, advertisers are starting to consider and choose Google’s Adwords as their primary advertising platform.

Although we have to admit that Google’s Adwords is a very smart and well-received platform for promoting brands, we have a better and cheaper alternative for those who are looking for a new advertising method. Gapmarks, a newly launched service which can send your adverts to top classified sites, and increase traffic of your website and sales of products. Since your adverts would appear on these high traffic classified sites under your targeted category, your adverts can reach  the most suitable audience, generating more real leads than before. The clear winner with Gapmarks is, however, the way the ads are displayed. 

Everyone knows where the Google adwords ads are and they can be easily avoided. Gapmarks on the other hand places your ads directly in the listing content. We all know number 1 on Google (Under the Ads) is the best place to be!

Additionally, you don’t have to invest as much as Google Adwords on this service, as fees are charged at a flat rate monthly. There's no additional charges for more ads, more posts or even more clicks! Gapmarks offers 1 single low monthly fee. To put this pricing into perspective; we know, the average cost per click on Google Adwords is 0.5 USD. If you're looking for 200 clicks through the platform, then you pay 80-100USD for those clicks, whether they generate business or not. For Gapmarks service, more than 200 clicks per ad per month is priced from only 12 USD per month with no more fees if your ads generate more traffic or you have more ads to advertise.

Gapmarks is also very easy-to-use and straight forward with step by step direction. The full service is accessible via our website and doesn’t require additional software to run in your computer. Your posting is fully customizable - from the cities where it is being posted to the very specific sector you want to put your Ads in - it is all up to you. One of our most important clients, Findworkabroad – a company specifies in foreigners recruitment in China, adopts our service and right now it is one of the top foreigners recruitment agency in China thanks to the huge traffic from our system. 

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