It must be one of the most frequent questions asked by start-ups and new marketers. A website without quality traffic is like a bird without wings. A good design cannot sustain the website itself and only quality traffic could bring sales and leads to your business. There are many ways of driving traffic to your website, and marketers are always confused about which one is best for their own business. 

Social media

Everyone knows social media is the hottest advertising platform on the internet. However, due to its nature of rapidly changing social landscape, it’s quite daunting to jump in for new business. Most of the time, you register an account, post a few things, and then leave with disappointment. Although the fact that it’s free of cost is very attractive, it could easily drain up all your day without any inquiries. Learning the demographic of each social channel and understanding the behaviors of the social users should be the first lesson to you before diving into it. Only good management could get the most out of the social media. Apart from that, if you don’t want to spend much time, you can try to use the paid advertising on social platforms. Before doing this, don’t forget to get your site ready for potential customers. A good landing page could increase the conversion rate.

Email marketing

Perhaps you are skeptical about Email marketing since it is said that Email marketing is dying due to the boom of social media. However, many reports prove that people are still checking their Email every day, which is a sign that there is a possibility that they will click into your Email if you have done it in the right way. First, you will need a good Email list which covers your customer base. Second, think of a click-inducing title (usually it’s a question) and make your content shine (attractive image and smart introduction of products). Last but not least, offer your customers an incentive to click your link such as a free trial, give-away or coupon code. It’s always hard for customers to resist free or discount offer so if you are a start-up, it would be a good way to lure more customers.


While it’s probably the most costly method of advertising among all of them since you pay for the clicks you get on your adverts, it also means that it’s actually working and you won’t pay for nothing at all. Currently, the most popular one is Google Adwords and other alternatives are Yahoo! Bing Network, Facebook and etc. To create an effective campaign, nevertheless, is no easy job and you may have to get some sort of specialists to help with you if you want to make every dollar count. 

10x cheaper than Pay Per Click?, our newly launched service which can send your adverts to high traffic classified sites, is a brand new service developed by high-demand businesses to skyrocket the traffic of your website. We all know that classified sites are really a cost-effective way to promote brands as it is free (some categories demand a fee though) and targeting the direct audience looking for the specific product or service can take time to post and select the correct category. 

Take Google Adwords for example, viewers on classified sites are more actively looking for products and services and have longer attention span than those from Google searches. Furthermore, Ads on Google pages are easily avoided since they are always inside a specific advertising area created by Google, whereas your listings on classified sites are actual listings similar to No.1 place on Google search results. Additionally, Ads on Google's website are text only, less attractive when compared to our Ads on classified sites with images, detailed descriptions and easy to read nicely formatted punctuation in all ads. 

To put the cherry on the cake, According to reports, posts with images are worth 350% more clicks! Imagine that we not only post on one high traffic classified site, we are actually posting on over 40 of them at the same time! building many more clicks. On the other hand, you don’t have to spend much time on researching on which keyword would increase effectiveness of your Ads. Our service puts your adverts under the correct category so that you are always targeting the right audience at the right place. Moreover, price wise, our services offer 1 single low monthly fee from 12 USD, which is relatively 10 times cheaper as opposed to Google Adwords’s 0.5 to 1+ USD per click, charging you easily 80 to 100 USD if you're getting 200 clicks.   

We’ve designed a posting system around this and have made it automated in order to get rid of the boring and long process of manual posting on many of these sites. This time, you don’t have to pay for a specialist to set up things up for you. Our system will guide you step by step and the result is instant and positive. 

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