Though recently social media is the hottest topic among marketers as tons of recent success stories are coming from the new marketing arena, search should still be the fundamental base. According to reports, 51% of visitors are directed by organic search to B2B and B2C websites, which is a massive number, compared to only 5% of them for social channels. More importantly, 89% of customers use a search engine to initiate their buying process. In addition, more and more searches are targeting local business with an increasing amount of mobile devices in recent years, as people have got used to search on the go. Learning how to create successful local SEO can highlight your presence in the search results locally in your area or targetted to specific locations. Below best practices for local SEO and why our service helps you develop even further.

1. Submit your business listing

Most businesses ignore the importance of sending their business listing to platforms such as Google places, Yahoo Local and Bing Local etc. Your business listing on these platforms can take advantage of people looking for relevant business in your local area, opening up a new portal to  customers. And it’s free! So take your time to fill out the forms and submit it right away if you haven’t done it yet.

2. Create local business pages on your website, also Google+

Try to have a look at websites of some mega global business, you would see that they all have separate local business page to strength the awareness of their local business. Therefore, on-site local business pages are definitely worth your time and budget. However, Google+ may have some difficulties dealing with your local business pages. Do complete it step by step in order to be included successfully.

3. Add Google reviews

According to some tests from different people, adding Google reviews to your local business can benefit your SEO. However the process is not simple as you will need continuous positive reviews, meaning no huge gaps between the reviews and minimal negative reviews. 

4. Add your website to directory

I assume that many businesses have done this before as it is an essential part of SEO strategies. However, they won’t, typically, notice the local part of directories. For different places of business, you should alter your business information a bit to cater to the local directory in order to increase conversion rates. Customers won’t waste time on searching for your local business again so remember to do it right first.

5. Build up your profile

There are lots of local sites allowing you to create a business page or personal page. Although it is usually considered a waste of time, as they are not high ranking sites on Alexa, it can be taken as a long term strategy to slowly promote your brand. So take your time to build up your profile on local sites.

6. Additional marketing tools is our newly launched automated posting service which can assist your local SEO strategies. We understand that local SEO could take up a lot of your time because it involves a significant amount of finding and typing, especially for listing your business on classified sites. It is not a secret that classified sites are a good source for local SEO as normally classifieds are based on category and location. Perspective buyers can locate the area pretty fast so that’s why it is a must to list your product/services there fast and correctly. However, the frustration of writing the listing on classified sites can be daunting– slow, boring and difficult to stay efficient. Our service can solve all these problems for you, as it can post your listing automatically to the integrated high traffic sites with titles, descriptions, contact information and images. We have different sites targeted for various locations so your listing would surely show up in the place you want. Starting from only 12 USD per month, would offer the amazing service you won’t find Anywhere else.

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