It is inevitable that an online marketer has to do loads of things to advance SEO. Headaches at times about the amount of work and hard management of various projects. If you indeed are in this situation, you might consider the following tools and give them a shot to help give you that little extra edge. 

1. Hootsuite

Without a doubt, social channels are the place where every business wants to be and wants to be successful, as well as a necessary addition to SEO. However, although you might just jump in and have a good play with them, you would still get the frustration of opening all the social pages all the time and how to manage the accounts more effectively. The right answer to tackle the problem is Hootsuite. It’s been recommended across the internet with good reviews and feedback. With well-received functions such as tracking all of your postings on the dashboard, customizing your schedule of posting and comprehensive social media analytics etc, it is easily one of the must-have tools if you want to improve your success on social media.

2. Moz

Moz is a super useful and easy to use SEO tool that cannot be missed. You can check the ranking of your keywords, make an intuitive and detailed keywords comparison, and also figure out from which search engine your site is currently gaining traffic. All these functions are easily accessed from dashboard. You surely would love their layout design, and happily to say goodbye to your old and complicated SEO methods.

3. Google Analytic

Google Analytics is a free web analytic service of tracking and reporting your site traffic. Its intuitive and beautiful charts can help you easily understand where your traffic comes from and during what time of the day it will go up or go down, as well as the performance of social channels on your site.

4. Google Alert and Google trends

They are both great tools for assisting your understanding of the performance and influence of your brands, and also your competitors on the internet. Google Alert lets you subscribe specific searches so that you won’t miss out on new results. Google trends offers a real-time search data graphic view which could be very helpful for evaluating the behavior of your audience over time.

5. Google Keyword Planner

Enter a keyword, and you can immediately get a handful of relevant keyword ideas. Also, you can see the amount of average monthly searches and the level of competition for each keyword, which are of great use to know and help you plan your keyword more appropriately.

6. Gapmarks

If you want to enjoy the great traffic from classifieds, and you are not happy about the boredom and long process of posting large numbers of ad forms, you definitely would love this newly launched posting service. It can automatically post your classified ads 24/7 to high traffic sites at a touch of a button, with titles, descriptions, contact information and images. Super easy to use and highly effective! You can also customize the posting frequency and fine tune the settings to make conversions even higher. All services can be accessed via the website and the dashboard, no need to download extra software. With the affordable rates starting from only 12 USD, Gapmarks is surely a great assistant for your daunting SEO task.

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