It’s easier for start-up and small business to target only free traffic at the beginning since they typically have a budget shortfall. Their notions regarding paid adverting channels are that they only serve huge enterprise or global scale businesses which are willing to throw a lot of money on these platforms to promote products and services without any limit on budget. It’s wrong thinking as recently many small businesses are beginning to realize the importance and necessity of using and managing the advertising channels properly and maximizing the effectiveness within your limited budget. To begin with, choose the best paid advertising channels best suited for your business. Here are a couple of current popular paid advertising channels, categorized by their features.

1. PPC

It’s defined as Pay-Per-Click, meaning you are going to pay for clicks you receive from your advert on the platform. The rates for the clicks are determined by the current marketplace value of the keyword you input in your account. It’s not surprising that PPC is probably the most popular paid advertising method on the internet, because it is pretty measurable and optimizable. What’s more, you are paying for real clicks and real traffic instead of an obvious presence without guiding any traffic to your site. Google Adwords, Bing Yahoo ads and Facebook ads are the highlights for PPC advertising (Or Baidu ads in China and Yandex ads in Russia if you are targeting the overseas customers as well). However, there are a handful of tips for using PPC advertising. First, your keywords would hugely affect the performance of your advert. You would need to do some research and hire an expert for figuring out the best keywords for your business. Second, according to reports, half of clicks on static mobile banner ads are accidental, in other words, you may be paying for the careless clicks which won’t bring any sales to you. Last but not least, for PPC ads, there are normally two types of them – text only (Google adwords) or text with one image (Facebook ads). So how to optimize the text and image should be your focus beyond the keywords. Using words appealing to customers such as “free”, “immediately” to lure the clicks and of course, a beautiful and relevant image if available. Links on the adverts should be carefully selected to direct the customers to the pages that would convince them to buy the products or services.

2. Display advertising

Simply put, they are normally the banners you’ve seen across various sites. The providers of this service have partnered with these sites so that the banners can show up in the specific advert place. The advantage of using banners is quite obvious as the form of advertising is usually image or flash based, which is considered more click-inducing than text only ads, especially for flash. Flash can be intended to engage with the visitor and show a lot more content. Therefore, it’s a good way to increase the visibility of your brand if your adverts are put into the right sites, targeting the right audience. However, due to lack of tracking, you probably don’t know how exactly it performs and the worst is that you may overpay for the bad result that only a few clicks on these adverts. Google Ad Network, Yahoo Bing Ad Network, BuySellAds and AdRoll are some popular ones in the marketplace (likewise, Chinese baidu and Russia Yandex provide display advertising).

3. Social advertising

Nowadays, for monetizing the growing user base, many social networks offer advertising solutions for different kind of businesses. If you want to have greater influence and gain more followers, friends or likes on your business page, this is not a bad choice. Google+, Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter are all the hottest platforms in the social market. It is worth mentioning that Youtube is considered a social network as well with an extremely unique form of advertising – Videos. It provides Pay-Per-View solution for businesses. Likewise, as being the Pay-Per family, it shares the strengths and weaknesses.

4. Classifieds automated posting

It’s best known that classified adverts are a good source of organic traffic as visitors are all prospective buyers looking for products and services. However, we all know the frustration of dealing with different types of ads forms and countless logins and typing during the posting. Gapmarks is the most effective way to help you automatically post adverts across Multiple classified sites 24/7 with titles, descriptions, contact information and images. All services can be accessed via the website and the dashboard, no need to download extra software. The cost is minimal, starting from only 12 USD per month. This is surely the software you dream of to automate your classified advert posting.

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image of Powerful paid advertising channels you should be using

Powerful paid advertising channels you should be using

It’s easier for start-up and small business to target only free traffic at the beginning since they typically have a budget shortfall. Their notions

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