Backlinks are links directed towards your website. Good link building can help boost the visibility of your site in search engines and bring incredible traffic as well. We all know that the aim of link building is to get your links on external sites and your link to theirs. If these sites are quality and high ranking, then we would say the backlinks are very good, which can increase your rankings on search engines and move up on the search results. As backlinks are essential and critical for SEO, it is always an important research topic among the gurus and a frequent questions asked by backlink building newcomers. What’s more, link building is not the same as before since currently there are many restrictions regarding the link posting across the internet. Following are tools I recommend to those still wondering how to improve link building.

1. SEOquake

You must be checking Alexa or Google Analytics all the time during your quality site searching. To help with this you would hope there is one software that provides you comprehensive parameters all in one place. SEOquake is a free and popular toolbar supported by Firefox, Chrome and Opera browsers helps your evaluation of a wide range of parameters such as page rank, Google index and Alexa etc. for the external sites. It’s  easy to use and you are sure to love the user-friendly interface. I've tested it and it doesn't slow down your browser either!

2. Advanced Link Manager

Management of link building efforts is always a hassle. This software is specifically designed to resolve the problem of management of link building campaigns, help you keep track of the backlinks to your websites as well as the sites of your competitors, and look for prospective link partners. If you are still skeptical, the software offers a 30 days free trial with all the features for those who haven’t used it before. The rates depend on the advanced functions of the software, starting from 99 USD per month.

3. Backlink checker

Another FREE tool for you! save your budget for something else, this software is not a bad choice. Backlink checker helps monitor and manage your website’s incoming links, allowing you to mark your valuable backlinks as “guarded back-links”, which would be examined every day and you would be notified via email if any changes in the backlinks occur. 

4. Web SEO Analytics

Are you looking for a comprehensive report of your site regarding backlinks. This software is capable of producing pie charts and info graphs presenting the data of backlinks on your site as well as helps you identify competitor’s site and see if there are any prospective links may be beneficial for you.’

5. Buzzstream

It’s been recommended by many SEO experts for simplifying all time-consuming and tough tasks during link building. It gives an exhaustive report of backlink tracking, manages your team’s outreach efforts as well as your project and task, and helps you prioritize link opportunities. This price is acceptable for small business, starting from 29 USD per month and offer you 500 contacts at starter package

6. Gapmarks

If you want to put your links on classified sites, and you are worried about how to finish the task properly and effortlessly, you should try this new posting service. It can automatically post your ads 7 days a week to integrated high traffic sites at one touch of a button, with titles, descriptions, contact information and images. Eliminate wasted time searching and finding quality classified sites and filling the ad forms over and over again. You can also set up the posting frequency to cater to your current marketing campaign. All of the services can be used on the website and the intuitive dashboard without the need to run separate software. With a surprisingly low price starting only from 12 USD, Gapmarks would make your team much more effective!

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