The boom of internet channels globally has drastically changed the way people sell and buy property. The convenience and speed of internet connectivity gives the real estate market it's main channel to promote and communicate with new tenants and property buyers. Traditional ways of finding property have been made redundant.

According to reports from Google and the National Association of Realtors in America, around 90% of prospective buyers are looking for ideal properties by using searches on the internet, and 52% of them suggest that internet would be their first choice to find properties. In addition, about 70% found their agent through the internet. Based on this information, consumers nowadays are gradually replying on online channels to assist their home finding, purchase and sale. Although it’s clear that realtor-client relationship is still playing an important role in real estate market as expertise knowledge about property is still needed in the negotiation process.

For online market of real estate, listings are definitely the key point of selling properties. Prospective buyers are finding new homes through classified sites and property searches online. They want to quickly view the information of the properties in the areas they prefer. Therefore how you list your properties is critical to the path of outrunning your rivals in the market. If the presence of your listing on the internet is minimal and not attractive, then the possibility of your properties showing up on the screens of perspective buyers is small, leading to low inquiries and sales.

Then how to do the best for your real estate listing work on the internet? Typically, properties are listed manually across Multiple classified and property listing sites, which is not considered a very effective method since there are hundreds of classified sites with real estate categories and even posting one real estate advert would take a lot of time and effort. What’s more, it’s common that in the form of real estate adverts, you are forced to type in information as detailed as you can. It is extremely easy for a person to make errors because you would have to fill forms perhaps a hundred or even a thousand times. A lot of time and patience indeed! 

Alternatively, some people would pay a flat fee to send their properties to Multiple Listing Services, a database of properties is managed by real estate agents and could make your properties reach a wider audience you probably have never been contacted before. The cost for Multiple Listing Service starts around 300 USD.

Our fastest most efficient online marketing tool is our newly launched automated posting service can help you succeed in real estate market. We know that the speed, amount and quality of listings matters a lot during the property promotion, thus our posting system has tweaked the relevant function for your property listing. In the real estate account section of our site, you can enter general information required by real estate classified sites and our system will automatically post to a vast majority of property listing and classified sites, in the background and completely automatic!

Of course, we understand that images can bring huge views to your adverts so 5 images are allowed for every advert. Long gone are the days when you have filled these repetitive forms and upload the same images over and over again. Meanwhile, if you are worried about the accuracy or want to have detailed information in your listing on some specific sites, then in the setting of sites, you can alter the relevant information by selecting the drop-down beside the site you would like to customize. In terms of numbers of sites, we’ve integrated a lot high traffic sites suitable for listing your properties, and our system can post your real estate adverts 24/7 at the touch of a button. What's more is we're adding around 30 new sites every month! Of course, in the case you’re not satisfied with the default posting frequency of every 24 hours, you are able to change the settings according to your requirements.

Surely this service is pretty pricey? Huh? Actually, our price is extremely affordable, starting from only 12 USD per month, which is almost 30 times cheaper than the aforementioned Multiple Listing Service. Unlike other similar services, we don’t require additional software to access our service, which means you can truly enjoy the posting service anytime and Anywhere. No need to say, is your best partner in real estate marketing in 2015. 

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