As a recruiter, you’re expected to fill an open position as soon as possible moreover the person for the position should be a perfect fit. Then you go to your usual recruitment site, post a job position with the carefully written title and description and wait for job seekers to roll in. The reality, however, turns out that not many candidates are interested in your position or the candidate applying for the position doesn't fit the position well. What’s worse, you’ve wasted a lot of time to fill the ads form and the department that is short-handed is pushing you harder to find one. So what are you going to do next?

Imagine this: you click a button, and your job position is being sent to all the high traffic recruitment and classified sites. A brand new service for 2015 efficiently connects using it's proprietory network and carefully places your ads in the correct categories, uploads relevant images you've selected and places a link to your advert across more than 50x hand selected high traffic job websites on the internet.

Didn't think it exists? New to 2015, Gapmarks brings you closer than ever before to the thousands of websites you wish you could reach given the time.

Filling all the long ad forms is always a frustrating issue for recruiters. Even you are really good at typing and identifying the fields on the form, you are still going to take your time as one error could mislead job seekers completely and this may render all your hard work useless. Meanwhile, you always want to post your positions across numerous sites to generate maximum exposure which is likely to present headaches since they have different ad forms, meaning the simple copy-paste method isn't as simple as it sounds!

Gapmarks can work its magic to tackle all the aforementioned issues. Our system is specifically designed to automate your posting process – fill all the ad forms for you and post the position out to all the integrated high traffic recruitment and classified sites. The only thing you have to do is fill our ad form, select the sites you want to post out and alter a few settings according to the requirements, then you can happily click the magic “post out” button. After, we continually post your ads on the sites every 24/48/72 hours according to your preferences. 

All your recruitment ads are posted out automatically 24/7 with titles, descriptions, contact information and images. Furthermore, our sites are carefully selected to make sure that you can get the best out of it and post in the right categories and locations.

Our service is also very easy to use. All the services can be accessed from the user-friendly dashboard. No matter if you want to create your new ad, or you are going to track your existing ads, it’s all conveniently setup in a single access dashboard with no downloads required. You can use our service anytime and Anywhere from our site, without the need to run extra software.

At Gapmarks, our primary focus is to guarantee our customers a professional, powerful and automated posting service, designed to save you time. If you are still struggling with manually posting your recruitment ads, Why not give our service a shot? Only 18.99 USD per month, our posting service takes your recruitment to the next level.

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image of Gapmarks – World's first premier professional posting service provider

Gapmarks – World's first premier professional posting service provider

About Gapmarks Gapmarks, developed over a period of 5 years, is a professional posting service provider that can help post adverts automatically 24/7

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