Nowadays, as a car dealer, submitting and updating car listings on numerous classified and auto trading sites is an every-day task with the rising popularity of Craigslist and other car classified sites, as well as more prospective buyers are used to searching or even buying cars on classified and autos sites. However, car dealers are, simultaneously, facing the frustration of dealing with Multiple sites and listings – posting and managing these car listings is always a hassle and a big issue as it takes vast amounts of time and patience to be effective. Gapmarks, our brand new posting service is your best car posting partner in 2015. From now on, with Gapmarks, we completely take care of posting, and your time can better devoted to engaging with your business and customers.

How does it work and what does it do? Gapmarks can automatically post your car listings to various car listing sites 24/7, with titles, descriptions (including car information such as vehicle type, make, model, engine size etc), contact information and most importantly, up to 5 images, offering the greatest exposure. No need to fill large numbers of different and complicated ad forms again and again. You can enjoy the flexibility and tweak your settings according to your requirements. For example, you can choose how often to repost your ads in the settings (e.g. 3 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours or 48 hours), or select the specific drop-downs (The system does auto-select for you based on your submitted ad form – you can make further tweaks accordingly) to increase the accuracy of the service. Tracking your ads is easy as well with our user-friendly dashboard. You can see the stats of your ad including the amount of posts, the clicks, the top performing ads and the top performing sites, along with a specific CTR number (the percentage of posts out to sites vs clicks), giving you a clear idea of the performance of your ads for your SEO and traffic analysis. What’s more, it doesn’t require you to download any extra software to run on your computer. Our service is completely web-based and mobile-friendly so that you can access from your mobile phone, tablet and any other smart devices on the go.

It sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? You must be thinking this kind of service is going to cost!

No, Actually our service is affordable and around 10 times cheaper compared to other similar existing solutions in the marketplace, which probably cost you nearly more than 100 USD per month. You won’t be forced to sign a contract as well, we're so sure you'll come back month-after-month we offer services starting from just 1 month. 

With only 12.99 USD per month, Gapmarks provides you unprecedented posting service generating leads and sales for your company! 

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