About Gapmarks

Gapmarks, developed over a period of 5 years, is a professional posting service provider that can help post adverts automatically 24/7 to classified sites. Simply put, by using Gapmarks’ service, your ad texts and pictures along with a link and contact info can be sent to hundreds of different people on an Unlimited number of websites. 

Why use Gapmarks?

Promotion is a necessary and critical part of business because it brings real sales to the business and delivers the message of what your business is offering to customers, increasing availability and influence. As an owner of a business, you must be always looking for a perfect way to promote your product/service with quality leads and affordable prices. Online classified advertising is one of the most popular advertising methods which a vast majority of businesses actively adopt, as it is free of cost and the classified websites, are a good source of organic traffic, where millions of prospective buyers searching items. In other words, online classified advertising is an effective and economical means of promotion. Yet anyone who has experience with classified ads may not agree with this, since it is well known that ads posting process on classified sites is very time-consuming, tedious and concentration-dependent. Until now, manual posting is still the only reliable solution for most businesses, wastes a lot of time and effort on how to write the advert nicely and posting regularly requires work 24/7. That’s why you need our automated posting service – the ultimate solution to post all your adverts to high traffic classified sites effortlessly.

How to use Gapmarks

First you need to register an account on Gapmarks and try to create an advert on the dashboard via the button “Create New Ad”. You are required to fill an advert form during the process and please complete it as detailed as you can in order to successfully post your advert, remember this one powerful form connects your ad to hundreds of sites! In addition upload 5 images of your product/service. Then you’re forwarded to a page filled with drop-down menus. Typically our system can smartly match your information to the fields of classified sites. In the event of special conditions however, you can alter the drop-down menu to select the very section, city or other fields you want. Furthermore, besides the drop-down menus of fields, there are options of changing the posting frequency if you want a more frequent posting rate (please review each sites' posting policy before you hoist this up to posting more frequently that daily). Then all the preparation for the automated posting is finished. 

To check the result of posting, click “posts” on the left column and a long list of results would present to you for reference, including the screen-shot or the link to your ad. For a detailed report, simply go to the dashboard and you can see useful data such as clicks for each ad, your top performing ad and the top performing site etc.

Pricing and Package

We provide various packages targetted for different sectors of business, including recruitment, real-estate, cars and services. The price varies according to the package, from 11.99 USD per month for service accounts to 18.99 USD per month for recruitment accounts. We accept payments by credit card, debit card and Paypal.

Web-based service

Another wonderful feature of Gapmarks is our posting service is completely based off the cloud, meaning you do not require extra software to run on your computer at any stage of the process. All  features can be accessed via the website, not only from your computer but also mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. Enjoy the service on the go Anywhere and anytime!

Check out: http://gapmarks.com for more information.

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