Everyday, there are millions of people viewing classifieds ads on various classifieds sites, which might get you wonder how to make your ad stand out and receive more clicks than your competitors. Generally, an effective classifieds ad means it can grab the attention of the views instantly and then trigger the interest on what you are offering. If you have no idea how to really grab the attention and trigger the interest in the fast possible way, here are some tips can help motivate your creation. 

Title: The most important part of any classified ad since it decides whether the people will click your ad or not. A short, powerful title usually can get the most attention. But it is not always easy to write such a title as your title may include information such as the name of your product/service, benefits, your current offer or price etc. So wisely choose the appropriate word for your ad according to your current marketing campaign. Short and precise words are always preferred, and long and complex word should be used carefully. Take a service ad for example, first, briefly specify what you are offering, and end your title with powerful positive words such as “amazing service!” or “trusted brand!” or a call to action such as “call now!” or “big value only today!”. Ideally, your title should be around 6 to 10 words, and less punctuation is better. Take a look at following examples.

1. Get the Best Tax Planning Services in Washington, DC. Quality Guaranteed service!

2. Guaranteed Approved Car Loans And Home Loans. Call now!

Description: Always the key to trigger interest of your customers, as it contains details that buyers may be looking for and should sound highly professional to let others trust your company and believe what you are writing in the ad. Despite that, you also have to provide as many details as you can, long descriptions are not a good way to lure customers since nowadays people wouldn’t spend much time reading all of the details. Properly direct viewers to the section you think would trigger the interest immediately (e.g. benefits and uniqueness of your product/service) by using bold or capital words. Of course, your format should be good for reading as well (sorting items and topics in order). In a service ad for example, at the beginning of the description, shortly introduce your service and also your company. In the middle, list the advantages of your service and how it is different from the competitors in the market. At the end, put your price and packages together with a special offer (if any) and contact information such as URL (preferably landing page or page with high conversion rate), telephone, physical address and email address (If you have Skype or social networks page, list them as well to increase the amount of portals for buyers). Remember your description should be limited to around 600 words (the average acceptable range of classifieds sites).

Image: A good image can do better than a number of professional words. It is often proved that people tend to be convinced by pictures other than words. For best results, the selected image should be high quality and relevant, showing attractive part of product/service. For example, if you are selling a car, you should know what angles would make your car look better and which parts of your car are the highlights. Usually car photos should be taken at eye level with avoiding too low or high an angle, and your camera should be DSLR or at least a high quality digital camera instead of your smart phone. You can take photos yourself if your budget is limited otherwise choosing to hire a professional photographer will mean better sales. A professional photographer could take excellent car photos similar to ones on car magazines, and more likely to catch the eye of the potential buyers. As the colors and lighting of the image would also affect how your car looks like in the eyes of prospective buyers, it is recommended to learn some basic Photoshop tools and edit your image contracts and adjust the brightness to perfect levels that bring your ad out of the page.

Now down to posting your ad, if you are going to post your classifieds ads manually as before, this may not be an effective time saving way of communicating your ad.

Gapmarks – our newest automated posting system could help minimize  time and effort involved in classifieds ad posting. Your title, description, contact information as well as up to 5 images can be automatically sent to Multiple classifieds sites 24/7 at the touch of a button, generating high conversion paying leads and finding direct potential customers in your area. Gapmarks surely would be your reliable and trusted partner, and let you focus more on your business other than the tedious and time-consuming classifieds ads posting work.

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