Display banner ads are one of the most popular advertising methods across the internet. They are usually presented in the form of text, images, animated images or short videos. The size and the location of the banner depend on the price and the provider. Usually a large size banner at the most prominent position would come with a hefty price tag. Currently, there are three main types of display banner advertising platforms: search engines such as Google Adwords, social media such as Facebook advertising platforms and portals such as Advertising.com (sponsored listings on cooperated sites). But why they are so popular? And is there any other way to promote or advertise at a low cost? 

1. Rich presentation

As mentioned before, they can be colorful pictures and interesting videos, which always catch the eye of visitors and induce clicks. Images are also a powerful way to communicate – The saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. 

2. Target the market

They are often keyword-based or using cookie data from your computer to know your possible interests and location. Relevant ads are selected in order to bump up the CTRs (click through rates). Therefore it is more likely to target specific demographics. Alternatively, ads are aligned with the topic on the site. For example, sites talking about fashion always have ads about make-up and clothes, or sites frequently visited by foreigners would have ads regarding services for foreigners and foreign restaurants.

3. Build awareness

As a marketing professional, you cannot really escape from these banner ads because a vast majority of sites allow banner ads and monetize on them. It is unavoidable to see the same ads again and again. Even if you may not want to click them, they are subtly planted in the back of your mind and you would recognize the brand eventually. 

4. Pay-per-click

Most banner ads today are based on Pay-per-click instead of traditional fixed rates. It is undeniable that Pay-per-click is more flexible than fixed monthly rates, since fees are based on clicks on the ads rather than other elements such as the traffic and the amount of visitors to the site. 

According to reports, most of the display banner ads are separate from the real content of the site. Thus people won’t notice these ads and go straight to the content they want. Or they are annoyed by the banner ads as they may affect browsing the site. From the comparison of native ads versus banner ads, consumers looked at native ads 52% more frequently than banner ads. Furthermore, 25% more consumers looked at native ads than banner ads. It is also clear that people put more trust in native ads, since 32% consumers would share the product of native ads to a friends or families, whereas only 19% consumers would do the same on banner ads. 


Gapmarks is a new low cost automated professional posting platform that finds many targetted new clients for your business. It provides a unique fully automatic, customized posting service on high traffic classified websites targeted for your business. As we know, classified ads are regarded as native ads since they are integrated within the feed where consumers would look straight away. Unlike banner ads, classified ads contain full details of your goods, including title, description and full contact information (URL, email address, telephone number and physical address). Multiple images are supported so that you can show every great angle of your product or all the benefits of your service. On the other hand, visitors on classified sites are actively looking for the goods or items specific to that category, while visitors on other sites tend to focus on the content of the site. Therefore, classified ads offer much higher conversion rates than display banner ads. 

The best part is our service could take your classified ads posting to the next level. Gapmarks helps get rid of the time-consuming classified ads posting process and automate your posting according to your requirements. The system is fast and reliable, posting your adverts 24/7 at the touch of a button. The user-friendly dashboard guides you step by step to create the campaign effortlessly and track your real-time performance of your adverts on classified sites, providing useful data for your next marketing campaign. We also provide various packages targetted for different sectors of business, including recruitment, real-estate, cars and services, with affordable price starting from 11.99 USD per month.

Check out: http://gapmarks.com/lp for more information.


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