Building brand awareness is a necessary process of marketing your business. Before you get interest of consumers and manage to convince them to buy the product, consumers must first know the existence of your brand. So what can business do to help make your brand to be talked about by consumers? Here is a list of ideas or tools to motivate you.

1. Take advantage of social media

In 2015, when talking about the best place to market products, the first thing to come up in your mind should be social channels. According to studies, by the first quarter of 2015, Facebook had 1.44 billion monthly active users, while Twitter had 236 million monthly active users. The data presents the necessity to jump in with social media as this is where  prospective buyers would be actively looking. It helps you communicate more directly and actively with your targeted consumers, build up credibility for your brand, gain publicity with considerably less cost than traditional marketing channels, but that still requires a professional marketing team to manage your social media accounts and pages properly without effort and time being completely wasted.

2. Improve SEO

The vast majority of people would use search engines to look for or understand products, which is the main reason why companies keep on studying and improving SEO and try their best effort to make their product stand out on search results. Google Adwords and Yahoo Bing advertising platforms have provided a Pay-per-click advertising service for those who always need their products at the top of searches and noticed by millions of searchers. This keyword-based service may not be a good way to increase traffic and conversion rates for your products, as searchers tend to focus on real search results rather than specific advertising areas. Once your brand’s name appears everywhere, however, people still would notice it. Moreover, your SEO effort is important since it is relating to where your product is located (near the top or bottom, 1st page or following pages), and how many times your products would be listed (your product would be mentioned by other sites as well).

3. Send email

Businesses may think email is abandoned by internet users with the advent of social networks. The truth is that people are not going to drop it very soon. Furthermore, it is still an effective way to get targeted customers know your brand. The reason is simple: people are curious by nature. Most people will click emails with interesting and attractive titles out of curiosity. So brain storm ideas for a creative subject line instead of rushing to send out your marketing emails with a boring, uninspired subject line. In addition, make sure your email list contains the targeted demography and not a list of emails with random people (businesses could buy email lists from businesses sharing similar demographics). Lastly, make your email mobile-friendly. It is no secret that people are more frequently checking email on smart phones rather than computers.

4. Do Blogging

It is undeniable that blog readers are declining every year. But the small fraction of loyal fans shouldn’t be ignored. Your blog should deliver professional and useful content, as blog readers are actively looking for advice and suggestions rather than news (twitter is better for them). Also, according to reports, 31.1% consumers think their purchase decision is influenced by blogs, which means people are likely to look for brands and trust brands on blogs. Blogging is no doubt a good way of enhancing the trustworthiness of your brand.

5. Post Classified ads

Most would agree that classified ads are very useful as a medium for buying and selling goods and services. Compared to other mediums, Classified users are more aggressively trading with others. That is why all business should put resources into online classified to increase the exposure and strengthen the presence because consumers would be aware of your brand during the process of searching among classified ads. Most importantly, classified ads let your introduce your company and brand in detail along with full contact information for helping people to inquire and more images are supported so that your products can be more easily understood by consumers.

It is never enough if you just manually post your classified ads on the internet. Why not give Gapmarks a try and enjoy an effortless and effective trip of posting ads? Your posting task is automated and your ads are automatically sent to high traffic classified sites integrated in the system 24/7, meaning your ads can simultaneously show up on these sites. Creating new ads and tracking data are all easy on our user-friendly dashboard. If you think the price would be high, we're confident you'll be pleasantly surprised, we have provided various packages targeted to different sector and every size of business.

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