Once you have an app created and ready to launch, then you must be preparing for promotion of your app. It is unquestionable that the likelihood your app would be found by consumers is going to be extremely low if the app has poor promotion. App visibility and discovery are still considered a big issue to new developers. How to market your new app effectively and efficiently on a shoestring budget? Here’re some tips.

1. Social media

It’s hard to imagine a marketing campaign without social media these days. Facebook, Google+ and Twitter are all very good channels to advertise your app since they have large active user base. Just remember to target your niche market instead of random people. If your app is shared via big influencers on social channels, the exposure is going to be huge. There are usually some social accounts focusing on discovering new and useful apps. So contact some of them (choose the ones that are suitable for your app) and tell them the compelling features of your app. It is a fast way to get your app known by the public. Even your request is ignored, don’t give up. For example, in Twitter, smartly use trending hash tag, follow accounts relevant to your app and reply to questions from your followers. These can help you slowly build up the followers. To increase the engagement, you can run a contest in which a random participant can win a promo code by sharing your post to get a free download of your paid app. If your app is free, then replace it by a gift card of app store. Most importantly, the majority of your posts should include the link to your app in the app store in order to translate clicks into downloads and sales.

2. Advertising platform

Google’s Admob service is a great advertising platform that allows you to start a mobile marketing campaign easily. It offers a comprehensive dashboard for users to track numbers like ad impressions, taps and people who’ve download and installed your app via the ad. Similar to the popular Google Adwords’s Pay-per-click, it lets your set up a budget limit to prevent you from spending more than expected and only charge you when your ad gets taps. While Google’s Admob service is targeting to all mobile platforms, Apple’s IAd is for those who are looking for specifically advertising IOS app. Obviously, IAd flows naturally better with products from Apple. So if your app is designed only for IOS devices, IAd may be a better choice than Admob. After choosing your favorite platform, it’s time to think of some enticing words and phrases for your ad. A call to action phrase such as “download now”, “try now” and “click to join!” is often getting more clicks along with the word “free”.

3. The press

The impact of the press is still very strong and powerful compared to other advertising channels, as people are more wiling to put trust in big names. However, as new developers, it is no easy task to get your app covered by the press. Fortunately, some existing tech publications are quite friendly to new apps if they are of good quality and the features are useful to their audience. If you are confident on the quality of your app, don’t hesitate to send to your app to let the journalists try it. Once your app gets a full report or even just a simple mention by them, your app would be noticed by a certain amount of people and gain increased attention.

4. Online classifieds (Via Gapmarks.com)

No one would disagree that classified ads are very useful as a medium for buying and selling goods and services. Compared to other mediums, classified users are more aggressively trading with others and looking for services. Hence businesses put resources into online classifieds to increase the exposure and strengthen the presence since your listings appear in the main search results area where new consumers are actively searching enhancing awareness of your brand. Above all, classified ads have full length titles, key descriptions and contact information for helping people to understand your app fully and inquire, as well as relevant featured images are put into listing to showcase all of your features of your products to potential consumers. 

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