As a recruiter, to stay competetive you must be always looking for a way to make your recruitment process simpler and more efficient. It’s not an easy task as recruiters are often required to manage different job boards simultaneously and post the same positions again and again on these sites, making it very time consuming and tedious. Right now, these are some recruitment sites in the market claiming that they are able to tackle these issues for you and provide useful systems and tools to improve the hiring process. Let’s take a deeper look and comparison on these sites to see which one's are best.


SmartRecruiters is a web-based solution for better managing your recruitment and was founded in 2010. It has an advanced ATS (application tracking system) which can satisfy all the needs for hiring – from applicant sourcing to engagement and tracking. The interface is very easy to use and intuitive, making it an enjoyable and seamless experience to post your positions, review candidates or remove them from the interview list. Hire Loop lets the recruiters view all the recent activities on positions and candidates from one place. A very powerful posting system can post your position to multiple external job boards with just one click. It works well on your mobile phone as well so that you can engage in hiring anywhere and anytime. The best of it is that it offers a free package for small recruiters and also a free trial of its premium package. However, it is not friendly towards third-party recruiters since the setup is quite difficult and it is impossible to send resumes to others via the system. Apart from that, reporting and analytics are quick lacking and still need improvement.

Price: 100$/month minimum for pro plan


Workable is a web-based ATS (applicant tracking system) that helps recruiters to efficiently hire and manage new talent. The initial set-up is pretty straightforward and intuitive; most are able to get the hang of it within 15 to 20 minutes with no training. The software offers a unified platform including career pages, job posting, scheduling, hiring and analytics. Using the program to advertise jobs is simple due to its advanced job posting tools that allow recruiters to submit jobs across a variety of job boards from one page. Once the system starts receiving resumes, it can sort out the applications automatically, giving users a comprehensive and professional hiring overview including profiles, social media accounts and their pictures. Another useful function is email notifications that are able to notify users all the time via email once there is a new applicant coming in. There are default templates for keeping in touch with potential candidates and customization is possible if you want them to fit into your company. As for the cons, it does not have a mobile version, which is not convenient during these days. Also, it lacks of a free version compared to some of its competitors.

Price: 19$/month for starter plan (one active job)

     ;    399$/month for enterprise plan (unlimited active jobs)


Greenhouse is a recruitment platform for recruiters to manage the entire hiring process. First, they have incorporated a wide selection of candidate sources, including job boards, in-person events, external agencies and referrals. Second, there is a functional tool called A/B testing which informs users about which job posts generate the best potential candidates. Third, the software defines a solid plan for the interviewing process and it helps hiring teams to compare the advantages and disadvantages of different candidates due to consistent interviewing agenda for everyone. Additionally, users are able to view all the information in one place, such as profile, activities and current stage, as well as reporting lets users know clearly about the quality and quantity of candidates. On a minus note, searching functionality is still incomplete – it is too hard to find past candidates. Auto-merging repeated candidates is impossible, thus one applicant can create multiple entries for one position even after not being considered by the recruiters. Tracking candidate’s email responses is very difficult as you are only able to view the messages sent out by employers. Last but not least, it needs a mobile version for the possibility of hiring on the go.



Gapmarks is a newly launched automated posting service which is able to assist your hiring strategies. It offers the worlds most powerful posting system that posts your jobs not just to a handful but to hundreds of sites instantly and auto-posts at repeated intervals according to your requirements. Gapmarks has incorporated more classified sites and job boards than any other job posting service and it is adding 1-2 new sites every day. Surely the service can give the best exposure you jobs never have. The control panel is user-friendly and very simple to navigate even if you just have basic computer knowledge. Job submission is also easy – you only have to fill out the form once and click “post out”, then your job is instantly automatically distributed to selected sites with titles, descriptions and uploaded photos. From the control panel, you can view reporting about the performance of your job posts such as views and top performing sites. Most importantly, the posting service of Gapmarks is among the cheapest and currently offers unlimited jobs at a single fixed price. It is only on Gapmarks that you do not have to pay a lot to enjoy this great service. Signup here.

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