As you probably know, LinkedIn is an online social network for the business community. Members on the network can connect with employers, fellow employees and alumni to swap information, ideas and opportunities. Your profile on LinkedIn summarizes your professional expertise and accomplishments, such as education, work experience, awards and certificates. Basic membership in LinkedIn is free, making it one of the best resources of new talent on the internet. But how to unlock this potential and find your next hire without paying the hefty price tag ?

With over 380 million active users, LinkedIn is an essential source for hiring talent and you shouldn't be paying for it! In addition you may have also spent a lot of money on job boards such as Monster, CareerBuilder or The Ladders to access to their resume databases in order to look for a professional persons who fit your exact criteria. However, It is more likely that you can find the right person on LinkedIn as it is designed for the business community and focusses on individuals' professional past.

Commonly most recruiters follow this process when seeking new talent on LinkedIn; After identifying the specific skills and experience for the position you're hiring for, conduct a free Linkedin search and get a few results. Try to be as optimal as possible on the keywords, for example, when you are looking for a manager with language school experience, use key specific keywords such as “manager language school”. Now you can browse the results and evaluate potential talent by looking at backgrounds, work experience, accomplishments, awards, education and so on. Sometimes there are recommendations from clients or employers, which could be seen as references. Or wisely use LinkedIn to search people within a similar company to gauge the current talent around and make connections manually. This process, unfortunately is a grind with little success; many people will ignore your request or message as there are so many connections flying around. You'll easily get lost in the flow.

A more successful hiring strategy on LinkedIn is post open jobs. LinkedIn enables you to publish your position publicly for free. Or to pay a reasonable fee to post a job targeting specific people, with specific backgrounds, in specific industries only. It is great since the chances are high that your position can reach the talent who is a perfect match or closer to your standard. However with the exception of small businesses with 1 or 2 jobs, the average business may have to maintain a list of 20 or 30 jobs and regularly updating them on the site will take up more hours than it's worth unless your paying a hefty price tag to target individuals via the advertising platform.

You can engage within LinkedIn groups and promote your position without paying any fees. LinkedIn groups are great way to make new connections with talent without a pre-existing relationship. With over 1.5 million LinkedIn Groups, it is easy to find groups relevant to your business. It is suggested to find groups best suited to your field to ensure relevancy when seeking talent. What’s more, a well-managed group is always better than a poorly-managed one. Checking the quality of the groups before joining is important. LinkedIn lets you join up to 50 groups. That’s why you have to be smart on the selection in order not to fill up the quota with bad or irrelevant groups. There are open groups which you can join freely and closed groups which require administrative approval to be become a member. Usually open groups have more members than closed groups, while closed groups get better management due to member control. Lastly, it is certainly impossible for you to actively handle all 50 groups. Select 5 – 10 groups you think are the best and spend your time to participate in them for maximum engagement with new target talent.

So how can you effectively manage 50x groups and regularly post your job ads infront of potential new talent without it consuming more man hours than it's worth? This new innovative startup may just surprise you.... is a newly launched automated posting service which is fully integrated into the free group posting for Discussions and Promotions tabs in LinkedIn. With an Unlimited posting capability is more than capable of assisting your hiring strategy more than any other medium. The innovative new startup tech company based on a never-seen-before automation technology offers the world’s most powerful posting system that posts your jobs not just to LinkedIn or a handful of sites but to hundreds of sites 24/7 and auto-posts at repeated intervals according to your requirements. On LinkedIn Gapmarks has cleverly incorporated over 40 groups best suited for hiring new talent. These 40 groups are carefully selected to make sure they are all well-managed and filled with employers and talents frequently exchanging information about job opportunities. Your jobs are regularly posted via on both the discussions section and the promotions sections of these groups; your jobs are placed standing out to the hundreds of thousands of viewers actively engaging in discussion. You'll be pleasantly surprised with the excellent service and nominal monthly fee of less than a single paid job ad on Linkedin for Unlimited repeat job posting!

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