Of course nearly all of us are already well-integrated with our favourite online job board and/or various preferred newspapers or magazines when looking to hire new talent. If it works then why change?

Did you know that online advertising supassed print advertising in revenue back in 2012? And in 2015 online advertising is closely shaping up to surpass print advertising by more than 2x times to over $160 billion USD in revenue!

This rapid shift to online advertising has filled the market with thousands of websites targeting every niche you can think of. With all these new sites to post ads; how is posting your job ads online actually comparing to putting them in the newspaper when seeking new talent?

Money and time saving

Placing an ad on a newspaper is definitely very time-consuming. First, you have to contact the newspaper regarding the job posting. Then, consult with them about details such as location, price, formatting and so on. To clarify the deal, you may need to spend more than expected and that is just for one newspaper. Because of that, countless time has been wasted in the beginning of the hiring process. Not only that, not all the ads can be published instantly on the newspaper due to the way it is printed. In the case of an urgent position to fill, it is impossible for you to wait. Conversely, on job boards, your job posting is guaranteed instant and shows up as soon as you add it. Money wise, if the price for a monthly subscription is $60 on one newspaper, then 10 newspapers would be around $600. In fact, online advertising not only saves you heaps of time, a job board is far cheaper than digital print advertising in your local newspaper.

More details and instant modification

One thing can be sure that newspaper won’t give you a whole page for your job posting. Instead, it will be confined within a small square and words are limited. Unlike traditional newspaper classifieds, you can write as many details as you want in job postings on job boards, i.e. full title, description, required qualification, benefits, contact info and photos showing the exact working environment etc. And most job boards allow this for free. What’s more, job boards let you make changes on your listing anytime and the change is almost immediate, while any modification on a listing on a printed newspaper is not allowed. In the event of your position being filled, you can delete the job listing on the job board right away, while you cannot do the same thing to a newspaper once it is printed. Therefore, with newspaper classifieds, you may be receiving calls from the candidates even when the position is no longer available.

High response rate

There is no doubt that people, especially the young generation, are more likely to browse the internet instead of reading a newspaper at home. There are millions of viewers on job boards every day and the viewers can be from all over the world, meaning your listing is going to be viewed by a lot of potential talent in just one day. So the number of resumes you are going to receive is enormous. With this many resumes, the chances are high that you are able to find out the candidate who can make a perfect fit. With a newspaper, however, you may only get 5 to 10 resumes due to the limits of traditional publication.

Hire anywhere

Nowadays, internationalization is an unstoppable trend. That means, your hiring strategies should be international as well. The best well-equipped talent you are looking for may live overseas. On the other hand, you may need to hire someone in UK, when your office is located in USA. In this case, the newspaper classifieds won’t help you much. Most newspapers are published locally, whereas job boards can be browsed globally. Also, it seems like a difficult task to contact the newspaper there and then ask someone to translate the job posting.

From the comparison above, it is not hard to see that today’s technology has drastically improved the sufficiency and reduced the complexity of the hiring process. But it should be noted that the good things about technology are not without limitations. With so many benefits of job board posting, you must be thinking about why you still have to manually post on these job boards and why on earth are there so many of them? Is there any software that can automatically distribute your jobs to all these job boards with a single easy to use interface?

The answer is yes. Gapmarks is a new innovative startup that offers automated posting service which has incorporated more than 150 job boards into one place. With the ability of being able to post unlimitedly, Gapmarks.com will boost your hiring success and deliver results. The innovative new startup tech company based on a never-seen-before automation technology offers the world’s most powerful posting system that posts your jobs not just to job boards or a handful of sites but to hundreds of sites 24/7 and auto-posts at repeated intervals according to your requirements.

These job boards would definitely be a rich and great source for potential talent and help you reach your hiring goal with speed more over, if you're targeting niche positions, you're going to need that extra reach to the corners of the internet a single large job website would fail to appeal to. Your jobs are regularly posted via Gapmarks.com on job boards of specific category matching your positions. Your jobs are placed standing out to the hundreds of thousands of viewers actively hunting jobs. You will be shocked with the seamless experience and unbelievably low cost for unlimited repeat job posting service!


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image of Intelligent posting techonology “chooses” the best time to send your job ads

Intelligent posting techonology “chooses” the best time to send your job ads

Hiring employees is a process crucial to the success of a business and also is often a problem for small, medium or even large businesses. Gapmarks.co

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