Generally recruiters love to hire on general job boards as they have the most viewers and highest popularity leading to a great source of qualified resumes. While it is true that general job boards are still on the priority list for the jobseekers to find a job, many actually prefer their favorite niche job boards – Usually due to the colours, layout, pictures and features appealing to different groups of job seekers. Why do niche job boards experience increasing success against general job boards?

How popular are job boards?

According to reports, job boards remain some of the most trafficked websites on the internet. Passive jobseekers make up for almost 60% of the workforce. Among those, 59% of them are finding jobs through jobs boards, while the ones via search engines and social media account for 51% and 49%, respectively. For active jobseekers, search engines are their favorite (74%), while job boards rank second (67%) and social media is at the last place (65%). The reason why job boards are popular among jobseekers is because they provide a delicate platform optimized for job hunting and job applications specific to their target audience preferences. 

What is a niche job board?

Niche job boards are the smaller job boards that target specific industries or locations. Currently there are approximately 40,000 niche job boards in the market catering to all kinds of talent groups. That means, no matter what kind of candidate your company may be looking for, a job board specializing in that industry will be right there. For example, a job board only welcomes nanny jobs or a job board just accepts teaching jobs in China. It is often believed by hiring managers that niche job boards can provide more relevant and qualified talent. As a result, it can help saving time in the process of hiring because they don’t have to sift through hundreds of resumes to find the most relevant candidate. On the other hand, these candidates are usually reported that they tend to be well-equipped and best-suited for the positions as they know exactly what they are looking for and normally they have successful experience in their specific industry. That’s probably why candidates from these niche job boards are a better fit for openings.

Why niche job boards are recommended?

The answer seems simple: it offers niche jobs. For instance, 60% jobseekers with medical background look for jobs on job boards specifically designed for medical jobs. Currently there are over 11 million jobseekers in the medical industry, meaning the competition is quite intense. Therefore, they don’t want to waste time browsing through job listings completely irrelevant to their field. Given that, a niche job board will help greately. Imagine doctors can happily browse doctor jobs without being bombarded by nurse jobs, which helps them more quickly locate the job they like and step towards career success. This is also leading up to why recruiters should consider job posting on niche job boards. If candidates are more likely to find the right jobs, it will also mean recruiters are able to receive resumes quickly from the right people. In addition, niche job boards help you contact with talent who may be involved in an industry and group overlooked by general job boards, building up a better team for your organization. What’s more, you won’t have to compete against a large amount of other employers, so your positions have better exposure and visibility than general job boards. 

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image of Gapmarks – World's first premier professional posting service provider

Gapmarks – World's first premier professional posting service provider

About Gapmarks Gapmarks, developed over a period of 5 years, is a professional posting service provider that can help post adverts automatically 24/7

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