Hiring employees is a process crucial to the success of a business and also is often a problem for small, medium or even large businesses. Gapmarks.com offers a powerful hiring technology to help businesses maximize their success in hiring employees, providing a cost saving and time efficient solution in the recruitment process.

How the technology works

Gapmarks.com is a new innovative startup that offers a time saving tool to fully automate the process of job postings to over 160 job boards. With the ability of being able to post unlimited ads multiple times, Gapmarks will take your talent acquisition to the next level. The innovative new startup tech company based on a never-seen-before automation technology offers the world’s most powerful posting system that posts your jobs not just to job boards or a handful of sites but to hundreds of sites 24/7 and auto-posts at repeated intervals according to your requirements. To add a cherry to the cake Gapmarks can automatically pull jobs from your XML feed every 24 hours, automatically modify your job information to be suitable for posting on each job board and will auto-repost them without you ever needing to login to the system!

What makes our technology different?

For bringing more qualified resumes to the table, we have developed a unique and unmatched intelligent posting system, distributing your job smartly at various targeted times during a day or specific days of the  week based on a massive data pool. We understand that candidate traffic varies from one job ad to another or one site to another. Even if your jobs are distributed instantly and perfectly to hundreds of job sites, not putting them there at the right time can prove ineffective. Timing matters a lot in your job postings as it will determine the position of your ad starting at the top and moving down off the first page in a short time. Perfect job posting timing can help you reap more qualified resumes than ever. That’s why we constantly optimize our system and have developed this extremely useful feature automatically incorporated into every account First, your job will be posted at different times during a day in order to gain maximized exposure (based on thousands of previous posts in our database of that job type, location and site). Meanwhile, we actively track the performance of all the posting times and then automatically change the posting time according to the data picked up gradually on a daily basis. For example, if the system analyzes the data and figures out 5AM every Monday will get you most qualified resumes during a week, our system will smartly alter the posting time based on the conclusion, meaning your job is going to be posted more frequently at the best selected time. As our data pool grows from day to day, the system can further optimize for your job ad to be placed where it needs to be ultimately increasing qualified responses, for instance, 4PM every Friday on Craigslist.com would see great candidate traffic for teaching jobs in New York City ensuring your ads are at the top of job websites within the correct window for every site.

How Gapmarks can be your ultimate choice for hiring

Gapmarks.com has not only incorporated general job boards, but also job boards with a mobile portal. It is notable that your potential talent may want to apply your job via mobile devices. In order to grab the potential talent pool, your job application should be easy as possible for them to go through. The mobile users of online job boards will be an important source of your talent pool. Gapmarks knows mobile recruiting is significant to your hiring strategies so that the software has searched and stored these sites for you, assisting your company not to lose the competition of hires. It is worth noting that Gapmarks offers unique and unmatched technology carefully integrating itself into the real posting pages of job boards instead of simply aggregating XML feeds.

Not only that, On LinkedIn Gapmarks has cleverly incorporated over 50 groups best suited for hiring new talent. These 50 groups are carefully selected to make sure they are all well-managed and filled with employers and talent frequently exchanging information about job opportunities. Your jobs are regularly posted via Gapmarks.com on both the discussions section and the promotions sections of these groups; your jobs are placed standing out to the hundreds of thousands of viewers actively engaging in discussion.


Gone are the old days of time-consuming and boring posting task. On Gapmarks, everything is amazingly simple. Enter your job information and click “post out”. Your job opening will be immediately distributed and also regularly to job boards of specific category matching your position, boosting your hiring success. Your jobs are placed standing out to the hundreds of thousands of candidates actively searching jobs and suited for your job openings. For your hiring on the go, Gapmarks has designed a mobile version of our software and can be easily accessed via all your portable devices. With affordable price and daily added new sites, our leading-edge job posting service will surely offer you a seamless and enjoyable experience of recruiting.


Check out: http://gapmarks.com/lpr for more information

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