Are you an owner of small business, hiring manager or recruiter who needs to hire fast and effectively? is the ultimate hiring tool that will boost your hiring success and increase qualified resumes, with your jobs being automatically distributed to up 160 job boards, which are carefully selected to fill your position in hours.

For recruiters, one of the most important tasks is to find qualified candidates. However, in practice it is often like finding a needle in a haystack as there are countless job boards spreading across the internet. Not only finding them all is of great difficulty, but also posting on all of them would require intense work and patience. Adding to the mix is the wide varying quantity of qualified applicants from different job websites makes this task exponentially more difficult. Take for instance, if finishing a single job posting on a site takes 5 minutes, then 100 sites would need 500 minutes, which is approximately 9 hours (assuming you have found all the correct sites already). And... That’s just for one position! Also, mistakes are easily made causing confusion to job seekers and affecting negatively recruitment results., with our proprietary technology, can fully automate your job posting, and with one submission, your job ad is distributed to 160+ job websites in 2 hours, with the possibility of reaching your target next hire from over 100 million active job seekers all over the world. The single job submission is as easy as it gets – fill out the form provided by us and our system will do the rest of the work for you. Http://

Gapmarks not only helps you target the most active job seekers, but more importantly the right job seekers for your position. Highly optimized targeting from years of recruiting experience means your job ad is only sent to relevant and niche job boards matching your position. For example, if you want to hire a nurse in New York. Our system will then select the best job boards filled with New York job seekers or job seekers with a desire to find nurse jobs, offering you more well-equipped and qualified candidates. Gone are the days of sifting through a flood of unqualified candidates. Now you can wound up with just a handful of resumes direct to your e-mail inbox and focus on what really matters. has not only incorporated general job boards, but also job boards with a mobile portal. It is notable that your potential talent may want to apply for your job via mobile devices. In order to grab the potential talent pool, your job application should be as easy as possible for them to go through. Mobile users of online job boards will be an important source for your talent pool. Gapmarks knows mobile recruiting is significant to your hiring strategies so that the software has searched and stored these sites for you, assisting your company not to lose the competition of hires. It is worth noting that Gapmarks offers unique and unmatched technology carefully integrating itself into the real posting pages of job boards instead of simply aggregating XML feeds.

To track the performance of your ad, we have designed a very simple-to-use and intuitive control panel for you. All the data needed for analyzing how your job performs is located in one place and easy to understand, such as clicks, amount of posts and CTR (the percentage of posts out to sites vs clicks), giving you a good idea of how to plan your hiring strategies more wisely for next hire. Moreover we will also automatically optimize your job ad posting times to maximize appliants (click here for more info)

Have Multiple jobs to post and manage? No problem, we have an easy job manager assisting you post, edit or remove jobs at any time. You can easily locate the function you want even without any instruction.

Now you can say goodbye to the old days of time-consuming, innefective and boring posting tasks. On Gapmarks, everything is so simple. Enter your job information and click “post out”. Your job opening will be instantly distributed and also regularly to job boards of specific category matching your position, boosting your hiring success. Your jobs are placed standing out to your niche job seeking group from the hundreds of thousands of candidates actively searching jobs. For your hiring on the go, Gapmarks has designed a mobile version of our software and can be easily accessed via all your mobile devices. With affordable prices and new sites added daily, our leading-edge job posting service will surely offer you a seamless and effective experience of recruiting.

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image of Essential recruiting tool will secure your next hire in hours

Essential recruiting tool will secure your next hire in hours

Are you an owner of small business, hiring manager or recruiter who needs to hire fast and effectively? is the ultimate hiring tool that

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