Free job listings are surely more appealing to small or medium business on a shoe-string budget. However, the precondition is that qualified applicants will visit your job ads and in many cases free job listings are not going to cut it.

Paid job advertising exists for a reason. It offers a range of solutions to increase visibility, target the right people, track results etc. Meanwhile, in terms of payment method, apart from the traditional flat fees, there are also pay-per-click campaigns, in which your fees are based on the clicks of your job ads and the selected keyword. If you are not satisfied with free job listings at the moment and are considering a different approach to get hire faster, here’s a list of reasons how you should spend your money wisely.

1. Challenging positions

It's unmistakable that not all roles are easy hires, especially the senior roles such as engineers, developers, or senior executives. These positions often have higher requirements or require specific skills and expertise where qualified talent is very hard to find. Furthermore, best fits are always those candidates who are not actively looking for a job, which is why free job listings don’t often work very well. Paid job advertising would make a difference here as it is more targeted. For example, has incorporated many niche job boards so that your job ads are placed in the right place where quality applicants will see them, adding 3 times more resumes to your talent pool.

2. Local positions

If you only look for applicants who live nearby, then you may need a more targeted advertising campaign. As said earlier, niche job boards may have the applicants you want. These job boards only accept jobs coming from a specific city or state, which dramatically reduces the likelihood of garnering unsuitable resumes. Some job boards aggregate your job ads to social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin, reaching 120% more local job seekers as social media is now one of the main channels where job seekers conduct their job searches.

3. Ongoing positions

Free listings will fall down as newer free listings are posted and replace the top spots. Once your job listings go to the second page, the chances of being seen by job seekers are much lower, in some cases non-existant on the second page of some job boards. If you have ongoing positions that are open for a long period of time, your only option is to keep posting the ad or paying for a top position. Or try Gapmarks’ posting service, which is able to auto-posts to multiple job boards at repeated intervals 24/7 and 100 % guarantees your ads are always on top.

4. Urgent positions

Sometimes you will have positions to fill as fast as possible or before a deadline. The best bet is send your job openings quickly to as many job boards as possible. In this way you are able to reap maximum applicants in a short time and find the best candidate to get the job filled. offers a fully automated job posting service distributing your job ads instantly to over 160 job boards of all kinds, ensuring your job ads are placed in right categories with titles, description and uploads photos for the best possible visibility, boosting 250% more views and clicks.

5. Saving time

As the famous saying goes: time is money. For hiring managers, there is always more to simply posting jobs on various job boards. There is no denying that job forms absorb most of the time during the posting process, especially the ones with countless fields to fill in. And the worst thing is in most cases you cannot just copy and paste, as the fields typically vary from one site to another. Ultimately there won’t be enough time for the hiring managers to screen candidates and prepare for incoming interviews, leading to higher hiring failure rate or increased expenses in hiring more staff to handle the work. Paid adverting is undoubtedly more effective and efficient saving 10x time for future recruiting, driving the best candidate traffic and also tracking results for better hiring strategies.


Gapmarks is your best choice for paid job advertising.


Want to get rid of the time-consuming and boring posting task? On Gapmarks, everything is amazingly simple. Fill out job information as required and click “post out” button. Your job opening will be instantly distributed and re-distributed every day to job boards of specific category matching your position, boosting your hiring success. Your jobs are placed standing out to the hundreds of thousands of candidates actively searching jobs and suited for your job openings. For your hiring on the go, Gapmarks has designed a mobile version of our software and can be easily accessed via all your portable devices. With highly affordable price and daily added new sites, our leading-edge job posting service will surely offer you a seamless and enjoyable experience of recruiting.


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