Living in the digital age, businesses are relying more and more on the online presence to grow and prosper. For small businesses, not only will their business success be affected by the popularity on the internet, but also the way they are hiring staff for their team. To find the best candidate, it may be necessary to get creative with online hiring strategies. Here’re some ideas to help attract great talent.

1. Post on niche job boards

Niche job boards are the smaller job boards that target specific industries or locations. When starting up, you are unlikely to spend several months and thousands of dollars on general big name job boards like the big companies do. On a shoe string budget, startups have to make the most out of every dollar spent. Therefore, niche job boards are their best friends, since they are more cost-effective and target a specific audience, leading to less direct competition with big companies and higher chances of hiring the right people. Right now there are also some startup job boards on sites such Mashable and VentureBeat, which allow startups to state their missions and goals for promoting their brand name while listing job openings.

2. Use social media

It is a smart move to recruit new employees via social channels. In fact, startups have started to tap into this tactic in recent years. According to studies, by the first quarter of 2015, Facebook had 1.44 billion monthly active users, while Twitter had 236 million monthly active users as well as Linkedin, the career-oriented social network, had 396 million active users in total. The power and potential of social networks is enormous. Besides, social media helps you engage directly and actively with your target customers, build up credibility for your brand, gain publicity with considerably less cost than traditional channels. With followers sharing similar mind and interest and stronger presence on the social network, you are more likely to hire a good fit in the future.

3. Make career page

The career page is an underappreciated part of both your website and the hiring process. The visitors on your website may find interest by browsing through the company page and be tempted to join your team. Or, they have heard about your company elsewhere and become interested. Then they go directly to your official site to seek job opportunities rather than searching on job boards. Your career page should focus on company culture and convey why working at the company is worthwhile. Also, spice things up by adding videos and photos that demonstrate your mission, your goal, your products and stories of the team behind them. 

4. Try paid advertising – Gapmarks

Gapmarks – our newest automated posting system could help minimize time and effort involved in classifieds ad posting. The innovative new startup tech company specializing in a never-seen-before automation technology offers the most cutting-edge posting system that sends your jobs not just to general job boards but to niche job boards 24/7 and auto-posts at repeated intervals according to your requirements. Another great addition is that Gapmarks can automatically pull and update jobs from your XML feed every 24 hours and will auto-repost them without your control! has incorporated both job boards and job boards with a mobile entry. Because we know that your potential talent might come from mobile devices. For maximizing potential talent pool, it is important to attract mobile users. Our software has searched and stored these sites for you to assist your company to win the competition of hires. Not to mention that Gapmarks offers unique and superior technology carefully integrating itself into the real posting pages of job boards instead of simply aggregating XML feeds.

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