Are you searching for IT talent to join your team? It is clear that organizations are under growing pressure to find IT talent as skill sets shift and new requirements emerge. Based on a report, 69% of tech companies see tech talent shortages and 73% of them have plans to hire more tech talent. The best individuals are hard to find. However, it is mostly due to the reason that they are not targeting the right people and placing their job ads at the right place.

So where is the dreamland in placing job ads? Niche job boards! A majority of companies are always trying to hire staff via the largest job boards such as Monster and Indeed, which boast high candidate traffic. There is no doubt that these famous job boards come with a giant candidate pool, but certainly the majority of these candidates won’t be a good fit for your position. In this scenario, even if your job ads can gain a thousand views in a short time; it still may not be worth it. Moreover time in dealing with non-qualified applicants can be a huge burden; It's far better to place your ads infront of those few hundred qualified applicants searching niche job boards.

What is niche job board?

So what exactly is a niche job board? Niche job boards are the smaller job boards that target specific industries or locations. Currently there are approximately 40,000 niche job boards in the market catering to all kinds of talent groups. That means, no matter what kind of candidate your company may be looking for, a job board specializing in that industry will be right there. For example, a job board only welcomes web developer jobs or a job board just accepts teaching jobs in China. It is often believed by hiring managers that niche job boards can provide more relevant and qualified talent with experience. As a result, it helps saving time in the process of hiring because they don’t have to sift through hundreds of resumes to find the most relevant candidate. On the other hand, these candidates tend to be well-equipped and best-suited for the positions as they know exactly what they are looking for and normally they possess domain-specific expertise and successful, up-to-date experience in their specific industry. That’s probably why candidates coming from these niche job boards are often a better fit for openings.

Why find tech talent on niche job boards?

According to a survey, 80% tech savvies browse tech job boards at times and 60% of them seek jobs through them. The top reason why they look at tech job boards is because they want to know the current market for tech talent and make the next move even when they are not actively looking for a job at that present moment. These passive candidates are usually the top talent you want to build your best team. Therefore missing out the opportunity of exposing job ads to them is a loss. Additionally, the cost to post a position on industry-specific job boards will be far less than general high profile job boards. Lastly, you won’t have to compete against a large amount of other employers, so your positions have better exposure and visibility.

How Gapmarks can help

Wondering how to find IT talent in the fastest possible way? Gapmarks is your ultimate ideal tool for tough hiring tasks. As mentioned above, job boards, especially tech job boards, are an important source of IT talent. If you have trouble accessing, finding and managing multiple tech job boards in order to post on all of them efficiently, then you will need Gapmarks’ service. Gapmarks has incorporated all the popular tech job boards where tech savvies gather and seek job opportunities. They have been reviewed and have been carefully selected in order to assure the best results for your tech talent hiring, driving huge tech candidate traffic. Once you fill out the provided job form on Gapmarks and click “post out”, your tech job openings are instantly distributed to all the general job boards and tech job boards with titles, descriptions, contact information and uploaded images, making your ads stand out and appeal to millions of tech savvies. Another great addition is the unique intelligent posting technology which is able to smartly detect the time when most tech savvies visit the job boards or conduct job searches. It will analyze your job posting and automatically select the best approach for you. Therefore, your jobs are always posted at the right time and at the right place with best results. In addition, it can support XML feeds, from which the system can automatically pull and update all your tech jobs every 24 hours. With the ability of being able to meet all the hiring situations and satisfy all the hiring needs, as well as highly affordable package price, Gapmarks’ leading-edge posting service is the one stop service you will need for hiring success.


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