With the fast development of the internet, social networks have become an irreplaceable tool for everyone. As being able to connect with users all over the world, instantly, social networks are considered a new opportunity; tactic to strengthen online presence, promote products or services and engage with potential customers. It is also no secret that  social media has recently become an important source of talent for companies and recruiters. Hiring via social channels is becoming a norm in the industry and companies actively look to expand employing via social networks.

Why hire via social media

Globally , Social media has a large user base and the number is still rising every day. A report revealed that by the first quarter of 2015, Facebook had 1.44 billion monthly active users, while Twitter had 236 million monthly active users as well as Linkedin, the career-oriented social network, had 396 million active users in total. As of late, 92% U.S. companies have utilized social channels to source talent and potential candidates. On the other hand, more and more people are shifting from traditional channels to social channels to seek new job opportunities. As one survey showed, 72% people utilize social channels to search employment and 38% of them successfully found a job. Additionally, 37% people consider social channel to be an easier platform to job seeking. With such a huge number, the power and potential of social network is enormous.

The convenience of social media is also hard to dismiss. Unlike job listings on job boards, once published on social channels, your job ads will be viewed or forwarded by all the followers of your social account. Also, in this case, your jobs are likely to reach to specific communities (tech savvy groups etc.) where it is hard to reach normally. Furthermore, social media allows using all the current popular multimedia to enhance the effect of job ads, such as pictures and videos, appealing to a younger audience who prefers multimedia medium and also making job ads easily understandable and acceptable.

Some social channels target the recruitment market and make the connection between employees and employment closer than ever before. The best example is Linkedin. On Linkedin, employees can create a page specializing in attracting employers. Your profile will be your Linkedin page describing your career history, education, interests, and other related content you may want to publish to appeal to employers. Similarly, companies can create a page representing the organization to trigger the interest of candidates. That means, employers and employees are able to know more about each other and connect with each other, hastening the hiring process and boosting the hiring success. For employers, it is easier to screen candidates as Linkedin page always provides more details than traditional resumes.

Tips on hiring via social media

For companies, a smart way to use social media will save your time and grab more attention. To publish a job via social channels doesn’t mean that you just copy and paste what you’ve done on job boards. Since every social channel has its own feature and audience, a different approach targeting different channels is needed. On Facebook it’s better to have a link back to your career page for better visibility (a brief preview of your website will pop up) and also try best to engage more with your potential candidates. On Twitter your job ads should be written in a way that can get attention and also enough information, with a picture best describing the job, since users of Twitter prefer scanning tweets and they won’t spend too much time reading carefully. On Linkedin professionalism is an essential trait as it will affect how trustworthy you are in the eyes of candidates.

Why you need Gapmarks

Still think it is difficult to manage all the social activities? Then stop white washing and give this task to Gapmarks. Gapmarks.com is a new innovative startup offering the world’s most powerful posting system based on a never-seen-before automation technology, which is able to post your jobs not just to job boards but also all the popular social networks 24/7 and auto-posts at repeated intervals according to your requirements. Not only that, we best select Facebook groups and Linkedin groups which are well managed and filled with employers and talent frequently exchanging information about job opportunities. For instance, on Linkedin, Your job ads are regularly posted via Gapmarks.com on both the discussions section and the promotions sections of these groups; your jobs are placed standing out to the hundreds of thousands of viewers actively engaging in discussion, generating high candidate traffic. Another great addition is that it can support XML feed, from which the system can automatically pull and update all your tech jobs every 24 hours. All services can be accessed via the website and the dashboard, no need to download extra software. With highly affordable price, this is surely the software you dream of to get a great hire.


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