The competition of sourcing talent in industries is set to intensify. As the job market has changed and evolved every year, understanding the trends in the world of recruiting enables companies to refine hiring strategies and keep up with the pace of the competitive job market.

1. Job boards are still the top source for job seekers to find a new job and recruiters to hire, with social networks ranking slightly below. According to the report, 42% people treat online job boards as their top sources of hires, while 38% consider social professional networks to be the preferred source, with an almost 73% increase from last year. The report matches the huge growth of social professional networks recently and shows the great potential of social professional networks in the future. Companies are ready to take a big leap on recruiting via social channels and the budget spent on it will still rise up. Therefore, knowing how to source via social networks and online job boards is a necessary skill for every hiring manager.

2. Mobile job searches starting to take over. A study from Kelton Global Research revealed that 86% of job seekers look for a job via mobile devices. The stat signals the importance of mobile optimization for applications. If your career site is not mobile friendly, there are high chances that you may lose applicants. On the other hand, the job application should be as simple as possible without asking the applicants to fill out many fields. If not, it would easily scare away mobile users.

3. Promoting talent brands is becoming more important. Most companies often take good care of their brand awareness when marketing, but forget to take time to promote talent brands. Talent brands plays a significant role on recruiting top talent, assisting companies to build a great working team more effectively and efficiently. Companies like Apple and Google are always able to hire great engineers in the industry. It’s the talent brand making it's effect. But where are the channels to promote talent brand messages? According to reports, 76% of companies prefer to promote talent brands via their official websites, whereas 61% tend to utilize social networks. Since marketing has been focusing on brand awareness for a while, recruiters can also cooperate with marketers on crafting fascinating talent brand content to be conveyed to prospective candidates.

4. Passive candidates are rising An online survey revealed that 75% of professionals are passive, with 15% of them reaching out to personal networks for new job opportunities and 45% of them being open to talking to a recruiter, as well as the rest, 15% of them do not want to move at all. Being a passive candidate means they would not proactively search for a job. But the figure unveiled the truth that they are still likely to move. However, a large amount of organizations are yet to start a passive candidate hiring tactic to avail themselves of such a huge talent pool. If you are one of them, you should start finding passive candidates as soon as possible.

5. Automated job posting widely being accepted. With more and more job sites popping up every year, it is such a headache for hiring managers to manage all of these. Many of them are turning to automated posting technologies to ease the pain. But what is the best one to try?

Gapmarks, with over 5 years in the posting technology industry, is an industry-leading job posting service provider. Not just general job boards, Gapmarks can post on niche job boards, specific communities and social networks. With one submission, your job ads are distributed to all the incorporated sites in 2 hours. Not only can we automatically complete 90%+ of all job board and website custom fields without any user input; We also carefully take care of selecting appropriate job sites based on each job, consistently, with precision and targeted to reaching your next hire, faster and better than ever before.

Another great addition is our recently launched intelligent posting technology. Our systems actively track and change their posting time or day of your job ad to maximize qualified responses. To minimize your time and effort, our software can pull and update job ads from your XML feed every 24 hours without your ever needing to login to the system. With highly affordable packages targeting various businesses, Gapmarks makes sure you’re getting the best talent and the best hiring experience possible. Leading the job market in 2016 is just one click away!

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