In a world where everything evolves around the internet, it’s hard to lift our heads for a minute off the screen, lest an opportunity passes you by. This has gone on for so long, for many fields, it has found a way of encroaching into the employment procedure. Long gone are the days where a job would be printed on a poster and stuck to a wall. So are those days of tell a friend to tell a friend. In this day, if you don’t have your details on you at all times, ready for to be dispatched, you’re slacking! In this era, everything you need to move ahead should be a button’s click away, on your phone, tablet or PC. You never know when your dream job might pop up as a notification on your screen, and right there and then you need to be applying.

The challenge then falls to the employer. When is the best time to be posting for vacancies? What time will you likely be targeting the right audience? These are some of the queries that will ensure maximum feedback on the post done. For something like a job post, you probably want to reach the most number of users. Just by that statistic, you will need to:

  • Avoid late afternoons, evenings and weekends, these are essentially off hours for most people.

  • Update your posts at least twice in a day, ensuring you have 20 quality posts in a month. This ensures you have up to 60% audience reach in your network alone.


Best platforms for job announcements

Online platforms and social media websites are mushrooming around more frequently than ever. Therefore, spotting the ideal one in terms of publicity and scope of knowledge is yet another sensitive matter altogether. Most of the professionals and their networks can be sighted in LinkedIn. This is one of the fastest growing networking and social platforms in the world, with a visibility of 64% of all your posts to your networks. This is the best platform when it comes to seeking for interns and even employees, providing a background history in their professional lives and a basic CV structure.

Facebook came into the web and took us by a storm. It will be no exaggeration to state that in fact everyone we know has a Facebook account. Facebook is well known for the wide scope as to which it covers. However, despite having so many users, this platform can hardly be considered as professional as LinkedIn. Therefore this is best suited for semi-professional works, internships and temporary job ads. This is not to say you limit yourself to just that. If it is numbers you seek and a great number of views, this is the way to go. Optimize your posts on here by updating on weekdays as from 5:45pm to 7:45pm or 8:00pm.

Did you know? Gapmarks can manage this automatically for you, selecting the best times to post on all social networks according to your target audience. Click here to find out more.


Steps to be taken when posting

If you have ever posted anything in your life, you are already five steps into learning how to do it professionally. The steps taken will act as a leverage as to the targets you intend to reach. Unlike your ordinary update, you will need to tap into the advertisement platform that will include setting budgets, targets and timeline targets. These basic steps can be categorized into three:

  1. Update your status with the job posting. This is the basic step of creating a message or an outreach designated to promoting job opening. Ensure you have done this in both the LinkedIn and Facebook platform to ensure maximum benefits. Some of the things that are a must is a link to the company website and a URL of the application page. This is an easy way of ensuring sharing.

  2. Set up your advertiser account and for this all you will need is an approval from your supervisor, boss or the marketing manager and a functional credit card. You are good to go! As you are setting up this account, ensure you understand your budget scope. A budget is key in online services, as charges tend to go beyond what you had initially anticipated.

  3. For something as professional as a job, target demographics are a necessity. A variety of factors come into play when seeking for an employee for a certain job description such as the age, location and probably even the professional background. In this case use your creativity to come up with the best filters for the specific job being allocated. Points of interest can be used as a Facebook filter. LinkedIn provides a much wider scope of filters such as job title, industry and location. These will narrow down notifications to just the few you actually need for the opening.


Difficulties you are most likely to encounter and ways to counter them

Working online is always a risk. Once you have posted an opportunity, you have no idea who will reply. So there is the chance of getting your company email full of spam messages. It is advisable to have a separate account for the application of the job that will later be deactivated after the process is complete. There is also a chance that no one will actually see your post. With billions of post going up a day, it is very easy for one to disappear among the rest, thus come the need for the constant updates of at least twice a day. Survey has proven that most of the social media posts done by the recruitment team will reach their immediate friends and acquaintances. Therefore, you will find a biased system where just specific people are the only ones in the know. Outsourcing your marketing expertise would be best for such a scenario, a neutral and unbiased networking system. Take advantage of a more balanced response by using Gapmarks' social posting for jobs. Check out more info here.


Benefits of a successful job post

Social media recruitment is not without its numerous benefits, which go beyond finding a newbie in the work environment. This includes:


  • Raised brand awareness
  • Increased quality of hire
  • Great referrals
  • Significantly reduces the cost of hire
  • It’s engaging, before, during and after the hiring process.
  • It offers inspiration to the existing employees.
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